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February 3, 2011

Zimbabwe Waits Impatiently For Election Results

This afternoon I woke up and clicked on the news, eager to hear what the election results in Zimbabwe were. I am one of those odd people that acres about elections in foreign lands, especially when they are very important ones. Over the years I have heard some things about the racial tension in Zimbabwe and the terrible economy. I also know that there have been talks about the president not allowing fair elections. Through stories on the CBC and Internet I have been able to keep up with the going-ons in the country and I too want to know what the election results are.

It has got to be hard to rule a country for twenty-eight year. First of all, if the country has free and democratic elections, it seems strange that the political climate has remained stagnant. Populations grow and change and the old is often tossed out in favor of new views. That is why it is very believable that the elections results have been tampered with in the past.

Over the past couple of days there has been a good deal of focus on Zimbabwe and the presidential election. The rumors about President Robert Mugabe rigging elections are likely true, I would say. The only reason why I give him the slightest benefit of the doubt is because I did not see it with my own eyes and every person deserves that little tiny bit of faith I suppose. However, at 84 years old, and with the majority of the population calling for a new regime, I think that Mugabe needs to concede peacefully.

Riot police have already been installed in some parts of Zimbabwe and the populous is eagerly awaiting the results of the elections. The voting and over and all polls have reported but the results are not being posted. Gee….I wonder why that would be? Why do corrupt leaders play such games? Number one, his people are calling for something new. Why not respect them and give Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the opposition party a chance to reverse the crippling inflation and improve the standard of living? What is greed and need for control that leaders acquire and use to carry their countries down dark and dangerous roads? It is time for a change in Zimbabwe and if things are bad there, as the president, why not let the change come.

Will we be watching Zimbabwe erupt into violence and disarray because the people have spoken but their voices have been silenced? I really would rather not turn on the television or computer and see yet another area of the world burning and being ripped apart by anger and hate. All leader have their flaws but good leaders, ones that truly care about the people that they oversee, respect decisions to no longer have them in office.

Zimbabwe, like most of Africa was torn between races, governments and ethnic groups. It can be hard to fix these types of situations. I am sure that there were some great changes that Mugabe brought to the people of Zimbabwe and that they are thankful for those things. However, the bad changes he made has left the majority of the population wanting someone else in charge of the country. I hope that we get the election results before anyone gets hurt.

Follow up article on Zimbabwe’s election turmoil is here: Election Results Creep Out of Zimbabwe.

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