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June 6, 2008

AIDS Patients In Zimbabwe For Without Medicine

Mugabe’s government has created yet another human rights disaster in the making. The suspension of all international aid will leave AIDS patients whose lives depended on proper care without the supplies they need to live.

In many countries AIDS patients are living longer lives and maintaining better health. However, the maintenance of their health is highly depended upon how well they take care of themselves. Taking care of themselves involves a regiment of medicine and good nutrition. AIDS patients have come to a point where AIDS can be managed and their quality of life kept at a decent level. Surely as a president, you would want the people you rule over to have a good quality of life.

There is speculation that Mugabe’s government is trying to force people into submission. Without international food aid and medicine, many people will perish. Mugabe knows this and yet, he has allowed this measure to be taken. In the meanwhile, the opposition leader has been detained by police and prevented from making it to a rally. I would say that Morgan Tsvangirai is living on borrowed time if he remains in Zimbabwe.

The irony of the entire thing is that Mugabe was at a world food crisis summit a matter of days ago. Many leaders were disgusted that he would dare show his face at the summit since he is in part responsible for the starvation of his people. Now he is single handedly making sure that many of the people in Zimbabwe starve by cutting off food supplies. How can Zimbabwe get this monster out of office?

As the runoff election sits off in the distance, Zimbabwe is on the verge of either civil war or massive starvation. Mugabe is a terrible ruler that needs to be removed but somehow, he has found a way to plant himself in the presidential office and remain there for decades. A defeat of Mugabe could lead to massive chaos but his remaining in office is sure to lead to many deaths. It seems like Zimbabwe is in a position that has not good solution.

The world sits by and watches as the events in Zimbabwe unfold. We must be careful with what we do, but we also must be careful with what we do not do. There are too many instances in history where the world ahs stood by and watched a country rip itself apart. Of course there are also a good number of instances where countries have been invaded when they should not have been. There is a fine line between action and no action. At this point the world needs to try to let Zimbabwe sort things out but if nothing comes of it, someone will have to do something.

Will the runoff elections occur and if they do, will they be run fairly? Will there be another waiting period of a month for results? Who will be in charge of the election and ca the results be counted on to be fair? There are so many questions that have no clear answer.

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