Policies for posting on my blog:

(These are not written in stone and I will be continuously changing

this section as the issues come up)


Seriousopinion.com is a site started by one individual. This is not a corporation nor do I have any affiliation with other businesses at the moment, which accounts for the small budget I have to maintain this site. This is neither my full-time job nor my priority, but I am enjoying reading many of your writings so far. Also it is getting quite fun to get individuals from all over the world to read and write in my blog. Currently there are close to 1000 visitors each day on this blog. As time goes by and if I can maintain some good contents, I am sure there will be lot more people visiting the site.


All of the policies here are changed as issues are raised by the writers on this site. If you see any conflicting issues, please let me know and I will clarify it, change it or remove it all together. Thanks for your help in this.


So, basically this site is for anyone and everyone. However, I am not looking for a professional writer and writes on New York Times. I am looking for those people who love to write and never get published. I am looking for those people who write on a piece of paper in the evening and just tosses it out thinking – “that was stupid.” I am looking for those who want to pursue a career but need to build a portfolio first. I am looking for someone who just wants the world to know how good of a writer they are. If you fall in these categories, follow the polices below and I will see about publishing your work on seriousopinion.com.


  1. If you want to publish something, please forward it to me at simon@seriousopinion.com – I will publish it under the user name *blogger* along with full credits to your work at the bottom.
  2. Some of you already have accounts and can publish directly, but I may have to change that in the future because of the volume of junk postings that is coming in.
  3. You can write about anything as long as you keep it ethical. You can express your opinion about anything; Entertainment reviews, politics, sports, games, life style, shopping, technology, or celebrities, or marketing, travelling , or even good school projects - anything you are passionate about - just write about it and if it is not illegal and if it is unique - I will certainly publish it.
  4. Sometimes I will request articles on special topics.
  5. If you wish to publish it with different name, please let me know what username you wish to have and I will take it from there.
  6. If your articles/poems get published on seriousopinion.com you give up the right to resale or republish your articles anywhere else. You also give up the right to the material as soon as you pay you.
  7. Work must be unique when you are submitting the finished material. Not just copy and paste from some other sites or books.
  8. No one but the person who copied your work from my blog is responsible if your work gets reprinted by someone else. I will try to put a policy in place for everyone on that note later.
  9. No adult content.
  10. No links to external sites. That causes some issues with website ratings. If you must require a link to different website, please let me know first and I will try my best to accommodate your request.
  11. I retain the right to refuse any work.
  12. If you are writing for money then, each eligible post (no less than 500 words) will get $5. It is payable via PayPal when your balance reaches $10. Exceptions might be considered if you let me know first.
  13. You will ONLY get paid if we publish your article. If we don’t publish it you are free to publish it anywhere else.
  14. If you are in US and Canada, I might be able to send you payment via checks or money orders if you do not have a pay pal account; however the minimum payout for this will be $20.
  15. If you are getting paid, please keep your record. I will keep a record as well but I am one person and there are many writers. So I will appreciate if you can inform me if I missed anything.
  16. At this point we are not accepting any poems.


These policies are subject to change contingent on the situation at hand… Thank you in advance for your willingness to follow my somewhat unprofessional policies.

Thank You.