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July 14, 2008

Wounds That Will Never Die: Nazi Hunting

Many people may wonder why the hunt for Nazi killers is still such a major endeavor. Most of the war criminals that have hid out in various countries around the world are in their 90’ and close to death. They have lived decades in the free world, having families and enjoying life. Even so, there are Nazi hunters out their that have dedicated their lives to finding war criminals.

Dr. Death, Aribert Heim, is thought to be in the southern tip of Chile or Argentina. Nazi hunters have strong evidence that he is alive. The biggest piece of evidence is that 1.6 million dollar bank account in his name. None of his children have claimed the money which would require proof of their father’s death. Heim would be 94 and at the top of the most wanted list of Nazi war criminals. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, German ad Austrian governments have come together to offer 495,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Dr. Death murdered hundreds of inmates at Mauthausen concentration camp. He was a doctor and kept detailed logs of the torture and murders that he carried out. He also used body parts of the people he killed for decorations. He was obviously a sick, sick person and it is terrifying to think that he has been on the run for this long. Well, the catch is that he has not been on the run for this long. He actually was held by the United Sates for two and half years before he was released without being tried. He disappeared in 1962, long after the war was over.

So why are they so intent on catching this guy after all of these years? Because a person that commits crimes as heinous as these simply must pay. It does not matter if he only spends a few days in prison before he dies, he is a war criminal that ended hundreds of lives. Not only did he end those lives he tortured and exploited the dead bodies. He does not need to be free to walk the earth. He is still just as dangerous as he was during his days in the concentration camp. Someone should definitely capture him and dole out some type of punishment.

The wounds that were inflicted by World War II will not die until the last person that has any recollection of that war is long gone. The history of the concentration camps is one that is forever etched in our minds. The way that human beings treated other human beings in those houses of death is something that we should never forget, even when the people that did it are in their 90’s. Have no mercy on Nazi criminals. I don’t care whose grandfather they are.

The Chilean government is reportedly helping with the investigation. It is so tragic that Heim was once in custody and was allowed to go free. A person that is captured once tends to learn how not to get captured again.

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