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July 7, 2008

Don`t Let Work Wear You Out

When it comes to work, nothing is sacred. Businesses are open seven days a week and companies are finding ways to keep us strapped to our cubicles for longer hours. We are working harder and harder and having less money because of it. Many of us do not like our jobs and can find no passion in them. What can you do to stop letting work wear you out?

Well, one thing that I’ve done is reduce my spending so that I could reduce my hours at a job that is demanding, low paying and suffering in this bad economy. I have found that by reducing the hours I work my dreaded day job, I am able to participate in more things that I enjoy. I also seem to be making just about the same money, which is odd. I thought that my pay check would take a serious dip. However, because I am spending less, the small decrease in pay does not seem like much at all.

Find free or low cost things to do around your town. Instead of spending tons of money at high priced restaurants, gather with friends at pars or in the backyard. Shut the blackberry off, having everyone bring a dish and enjoy a low cost, party that incorporates the summer weather.

Swap houses with your friends. If you have a friend that lives in another town, ask them if they would like to switch homes for a week. This is a great, low cost vacation that allows you to enjoy a different place without hotel fees. House setting is also a great way to get out your domain. You won’t have to work that dreaded overtime to get extra cash to take the vacation. Use the resources that are closest to you.

When you are off work, you really need to be off work. I love my co-workers but I ahte it when they call me with work drama. The dreaded, intrusive text message is also a way that you could be receiving work information when you are off the clock. I’ve come up with a good formula for this issue. I do not answer the phone when the call and when I check the message, at the first hint of anger or frustration in their voices, I instantly delete the message. That way, I have no idea what happened and when I get to work they will have to tell me the story, fresh and new. Often times the dramatic effects have frizzled out of the story by that time and I actually get something closer to the truth.

As far as text messages go, just delete them. Don’t open them at all. When you see a co-worker’s text come through, just zap it away and continue on drinking your lemonade by the pool. Work is work and we have to do it but when you punch out, you are done. There is no reason for you to have any clue what is going on at the office when you aren’t there.

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