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January 7, 2011

Words Of Wisdom: Series 1

This next passage is an objective look into the circular pattern we call life; more importantly our reactions and feeling to what is going on around us.

Sometimes we fall into dark, heavy patterns, thinking there is no way out. It is only our perception to our perceived limitations that keep us caught up.

Wisdom is gained from many mistakes, from the trials and errors we continually experience.

Sometimes we want to run from our problems, masking them with external stimulants, hoping to numb our burdens. But the fact remains they will still be there waiting for us, even worse than before.

It takes a lot of effort to work with ourselves on the most intimate of levels; even harder to stare at our lives honestly.

But if we take a deeper look we can embark on a journey that is beyond the five senses.

We can explore an awareness that gets clouded by everyday thinking; we can finally meet ourselves at the end of the tunnel.

When time is at a stand still we all hold our breath, we wait until the wind passes, we mourn over our unattainable lust; we cry- we hold on dear to what we hate and let go of what we deserve.

When we remember who we are, we tend to get jittery call everything off, hope for the worst, say a prayer and lie- we mask the truth with pretty words and course emotions.

When we forget where we are, we seem to run the opposite direction of what feels right, we rationalize our thoughts into perfect sequence, making sure they match up to our high expectations- yet the chaos still remains and the answer yet to be found.

When we acquire new strengths we suddenly feel that are egos cannot be stopped, we remind ourselves of what we lacked and what we still need to attain- yet it is our weakness that is the greatest teacher, for it anchors us to take responsibility of our power.

When we ignore our intuition we stumble upon false hopes, wishing we had made the “other” choice, yet we remain ignorant to our own inner guidance; blaming the outside world for the regret we feel within.

When we deny our intellectual capacity to discern fact from fiction, we unknowingly deny our self respect to learn from our own mistakes- instead becoming the very barrier we try so hard to break down.

When we remain passive we become inwardly aggressive, resenting everything around us including out self; we fight within our minds to control external circumstances. Yet the war still continues.

We somehow forgot what humanity feels like. We have ignored the subtle simplicity of it all in everything that surrounds us. We have become blinded by our desires of want, staying ignorant of what we need.

When we grow we become, we learn, understand and gain clarity on what was not apparent before. We open up on a whole other level, where we can see our passions igniting with unstoppable potential, where dreams lay an inch past our fingertips- close enough to embrace.

In fact they were always there just waiting to be recognized, wanting to be uncovered and put to use. Yet we have lost are ability to do so, to see, perceive and connect.

When the hands of time slow down, the world can then be fully seen in its totality, completeness. Because when we constantly race we lose sight of everything surrounding us, our goals, our dreams and yes even our sanity.

Written: 2007, updated 2008

Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers 2007

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