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May 10, 2008

Woman Yells Rape, Gets Lover Killed By Husband But She Get s The Jail Sentence

This is an appalling story. A woman’s husband comes home to find her having sex with a guy in a truck in front of their house. The woman cries rape and the husband pulls out a gun, shoots and kills the presumed rapist. Later on it is revealed that the “rapist” was really the wife’s lover that she was having an affair with.

The only good part about this story is the authorities were smart enough to charge the woman with manslaughter, instead of the husband. Some may argue with this decision because she was not the one that actually fired the gun. True, but she was the reason why the gun was fired. I don’t know of any men that would not want to kill a man that was raping their wife.

Other interesting parts of the story are that the husband called the wife 19 times before he arrived home. This indicates that he may have suspected that something was going on and she was cheating. However, their children were inside of the home so a ringing phone could be alarming. Whenever I call my parents’ home and no one answers, I honestly call every other family member to find out if they are alright. In this day and age, not answering the phone is a rarity. If your wife was home with the children and no one was answering the phone, panic could ensue.

Adultery is an ugly thing and the people that participate in it are deceiving and lying to themselves and the ones that they are supposed to love. To show how deceitful one can be, this wife betrayed both her husband and her lover by saying she was being raped. Most wives know if their husbands have a gun. All wives know that if their husbands walk in on them having sex with some other man there is going to probably be violence. So, if you know you husband has a gun it seems very possibly that a cry of rape will be the cause of death of the person you are accusing of rape.

Rape is a terrible crime that really happens on a rather frequent basis throughout the world. Women have had trouble proving rape in the past because of women that lie about being raped. Whenever I see someone lie about rape I am totally disgusted. It is good to see justice done in this case where a woman cried rape and caused a man to be shot. No she did not pull the trigger but she was the cause of death. Justice was definitely served in this case. Hopefully it will be a lesson to some of the unfaithful out there that think that it is okay to cheat or lie about rape. Remember, the person you are lying to could explode if they find out and that could lead to death for you or your lover or both. Get a divorce if you no longer want to be married to someone.

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2 Comment(s)

  1. VARON | Sep 7, 2010 | Reply

    A lier is a cheater,a cheater is a thief,a thief is a killer,and around and round it goes unfaithful is wrong.

  2. Guest | Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    Yup, that’s what happens when women cheat on their husbands. Their lover can rape them.

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