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June 16, 2008

Woman Is Imprisoned 18 Years For Getting Pregnant

Another terrible story of familial imprison has emerged for Rome, Italy. A 47 year old
woman was found locked in a room in her house. Apparently the woman has been locked in the room for 18 years. The reason for her imprisonment was becoming pregnant when she was unmarried.

If you do the math, the woman was 20 years old when became pregnant. Although being unmarried and pregnant is not the idea situation, she was an adult at the time. While the family may have been disappointed, they should have been able to deal with the fact that a grown woman was expecting a child. Instead of allowing the woman to make some decisions on her own and have a chance to care for her child, they decided to take the baby and give it away to family members. This boy, who is not 17 has had no opportunity to know his mother.

The woman was taken from the room where she was locked up and put in a mental institution. Obviously, after 18 years the woman is in no predicament to be without constant psychiatric care. The Italian news showed the dirty room where the family held that woman hostage. There was a filthy sink and toilet and a bed. The woman’s mother who was 80 years old and her two siblings were arrested. The police got an anonymous tip that led them to this discovery.

Who does this type of thing? Eighteen years ago would have been 1990. I am shocked that in 1990 there was a family so shamed by a wedlock pregnancy in Italy that they had to lock the poor woman up. I just don’t understand that kind of thinking. Like I stated before, she was an adult at the time and she did not get pregnant all by herself. There had to be some male party involved. So what happened to the guy? Did he ever know? How do people make these type of things right in their minds?

Another woman has lost a huge chunk of her life because of the ignorance of her family. Just like in the Fritzl case, this woman has missed out on so much life that there is really no fitting punishment for her captives. My question is, did the brother and sister still live at home or did they go on to live regular lives? Did this woman’s two siblings work to steal her life while living their own? The implications are disgusting.

What lies ahead for this woman? Will she be able to readjust to life and move back into society? What will happen to the people that held her against her will for 18 years? How will this stunning revelation effect the woman’s son who will get to see his mother for the first time in his life? Will he want to see his mother? There are more questions than answers at this stage. It will be interesting to see what unfolds over the next few weeks.

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