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September 4, 2008

Witch Hunt In Kenya?

How far has Kenya fallen? Well, they have fallen back into the Middle Ages with a witch hunt that left 11 elderly people dead. Maybe there is magic, maybe not, I can’t be sure but one thing that I am absolutely sure of, witch hunts are not appropriate and those that enact them and takes lives need to pay the price for their ignorance.

There are people in the world that call themselves witches. The people that genuinely identify themselves as such a thing are typically average everyday people. They use nature to heal and enhance life and tend to live a homeopathic life. I have met people that identify themselves as witches and I felt no need to murder them.

What could these people have done to cause a riot and be murdered? What exactly was their crime and was the suspected crime a crime at all. The people all expect for one were between 70 and 90 years old. These elders of the community were accused of putting spells on the sons and daughters of the mob that killed them. Some idiot generated a list and went around killing these elderly people.

A few months ago a woman was tied to a tree and beat in India because she was suspected of being a witch. I can not understand what makes people believe that they have the right to hurt others just because they are different. If life is not meeting the standards you want it to, take responsibility and make changes. Do not accuse someone of being a witch and hurt or kill them.

I don’t know what the punishment will be for these terrible people that murdered elderly individuals that they should have been caring for. Could you imagine rounding up a number of elderly people and burning them? What type of a coward would do such a horrific thing? I do not know what the punishment will be for these people but I hope that it is one that never allows them to be in the position where they can hurt anyone else.

So many places on the continent of Africa are in flames with angry. Everyday there seem to be reports that come out about some try of uprising in Africa. A cousin of mine won a Fulbright Scholarship that took him to South Africa a month ago. As I hear about South Africans practicing lynching, a form of murder that is maligned with the Jim Crow South of the United States of America, I shiver at the thought that South Africans would be so disrespectful to themselves and the world. My cousin who is tucked away in the countryside, away from the violence training teachers, is safe for now, but who knows when the violence will spread? The world, in it’s aftermath, realized that a few days in April could unleash a slaughter in Rwanda years ago. Brother killed brother and children were slaughtered because they were from a different tribe than those that slaughtered them. The dead bodies looked remarkably alike as they lay sliced in half and shot.

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