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August 29, 2009

Wind Power Not So Popular In Upstate New York

In a search for alternative energy has lead many people to wind power. Wind turbines are situated in lands around farms making a rhythmic swoosh, swoosh noise that some are already tired of. The long propellers of the wind turbines move through the air pumping clean electricity into the grid. The communities that have the wind turbines are happy to have them, for the most part.

However, there are some people that are not that fond of the wind turbines. There are some farmers that hate the sound and the sight of the wind turbines. A 48 year old farmer in upstate New York is one of those people. He hates the fact that his father singed a deal stating that seven wind turbines would be used on the Yancey land.

John Yancey is not crazy about the wind turbines. He hates them and does not like the fact that his father decided to change the farm and land for 6,600 dollars every year for each turbine. This, of course, was a wise financial, and environmental decision but the man’s sons are not happy with it.

The wind turbines are loud and disturbing, John Yancey says. He actually did not speak to his father for some time and considered leaving the family land because of the wind turbines at one point.

The Yancey land located just below the Tug Hill plateau. This is a place of remote wilderness where steady winds come down from Lake Ontario. Heavy snowfalls bring the largest amount of snow to this part of the state every year. The Tug made life difficult at times but farmers had been dealing with it for quite some time. They made the best of whatever nature brought them.

These days Tug Hill is full of wind Turbines. 195 to be exact. They are 400 feet high and have 130 feet long blades. They spin at 14 revolutions per minute and apparently keep some people up at night with their noise.

However, the Maple Ridge project as it is known, has done wonderful for the area. Money and jobs have come to the small village just under the plateau. Unfortunately, some people think that the wind turbines have destroyed a way of life. The money has torn some families apart and pitted neighbors against one another.

While I can see the argument that a way of life has ceased to be, this is something that we have to all come to terms with. Things must change if we are to continue living safely on this planet. We do not have an alternative at this time so we must make changes. Wind power is clean power and it is the way that farmers are going to have to get along. If they are not interested in that, then they may have to consider doing something else for a living. Change is always hard and something will be lost with these new wind turbines but more will be lost if people do not embrace them.

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  1. DeerJohn | Sep 19, 2009 | Reply

    This is so typical. One person is opposed to an issue, so he/she gets all the publicity. What about the rest of the county?

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