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February 23, 2011

Will Myanmar Allow More People To Die To Keep Foreigners Out?

Every moment that Myanmar hesitates to let foreign humanitarian aide workers in, lives are being put in danger. The military regime that rules Myanmar is rather reclusive and has been known to not want foreigners into the country. This is fine when there is no disasters but when lives depend on it, surely the junta can loosen its grip on the population a bit.

The situation in Myanmar may be worse than the conditions that existed after the Tsunami in 2004. It is hard to know exactly how many lives were lost but the estimates say that as many as 100,000 people may have perished. Myanmar has low lying areas that are flooded and entire food crops were wiped out. The people living deep in the bush, trapped by cluttered roads and lack of transportation are at risk of dying from starvation or disease.

The images that the state run television shows to the citizens of Myanmar picture officials of the military government assisting in the recovery process. However, there are reports that the government failed to give proper warning and may have been able to alert people about the cyclone and save some lives. Of course, it is hard to get information out of the country so the actual logistics of the warnings and the amount of people dead are sketching. There are disturbing photos of bodies floating in rivers and the water has served as a watery graveyard. Bodies were being dumped in the water to dispose of them, creating the risk of water borne illnesses.

Myanmar has welcomed food donations from other countries but they seem to want to handle the situation with their own when it comes to actually helping people. This seems to be unreasonable and foolish seen many of the regions that were hardest hit have not been accessed yet. This is the time to allow the world into Myanmar to help. If foreigners are not granted entry into the country for any other reason, in order to save lives should be the exception.

Al Gore has blamed this cyclone on global warming. It does seem like over the past few years disasters like this have been increasing infrequency and more importantly, in the severity. Many of us do not like to hear the gloom and doom forecasts of environmentalist but really, something is happening to the world. We need to be prepared for more of this type of catastrophic weather and places like Myanmar that are located in areas close to the sea will continue to have terrible experiences like the cyclone that hit there this past weekend. The only way to combat these types of disasters is to have help. Food alone will not be able to save the people that survived the cyclone in Myanmar. People, actually warm bodies that are trained to deal with such an event are the only thing that can truly help. Myanmar must let their guard down a bit to save itself. The government, military or not, has a responsibility to the people.

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