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July 2, 2008

Why Are Female teachers Sleeping With Students?

I think that we can call it an epidemic at this point. It seems that we can only go a few months without a story about a teacher sleeping with a student. The really scary part is that the stories have started coming in pairs or more. A few months ago three teachers in Florida were accused of sleeping with young male students. The most recent cases of teachers having sex with students involves three teachers from different places.

A few years ago the world was stunned by a teacher that was having an affair with one of her students. Mary Kay Letourneau shocked us all with her affair with her 13 year old student, Vili Faulaau. Letourneau met the boy when he was just eight years old and began her affair with him five years later.

Letourneau was married at the time and had two sons and two daughters with her husband Steve. Her husband discovered the relationship between the student and teacher through letters that they vote to one another. A family member reported the relationship to child protective services. Eventually Letourneau was convicted of sexual abuse charges and spent several years in jail. However, when she got out o prison she married Vili and the couple has two children now.

We all thought that the Letourneau case was an isolated event and in some ways, it is. The Letourneau case, ended with the couple getting married and have a life together. As disturbing as it was to see realize the Letourneau was having a relationship with a 13 year old boy at one time, once the boy as of the age of consent, he chose to be with Mary Kay. Sick and twisted, yes, I agree, but these recent events seem to come from even a darker place.

The cases of teachers sleeping with students have been entirely sexual. It seems that these women, most of which are married or engaged, are turning to these boys strictly for sex. There seems to be no claims of love involved. In fact, one of the current accused teachers reported had sex with eight players on the high school baseball team. What exactly is going on in schools these days and who is being hired to teach?

There was a time when there were very strict rules about who could become a teacher. Not that I agree with these rules, but at one point teachers could not be seen outside after dark, could not be married and could definitely not live with a man they were not married to. In some places these rules were written down in law books and in others they were upheld silently. Regardless, there was a moral standard required for teachers.

I don’t know what needs to happen here but something much change. Teachers are abusing young boys and the young boys are not even aware that they are being abused. Because we are dealing with women as the sexual predators and boys as the victims, I think that there is a relaxed view about these situations.

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