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January 4, 2011

When We Make Mistakes, Who`s To Blame?

We all know it is in our human desire to act like we’re perfect. We all know when we are in the wrong it’s because someone other than ourselves is at fault. This classic syndrome is etched so deep within our psychological behaviour that we think it’s normal.

When we are angry at the world around us it’s like a form of deferral; we give our power away by not taking responsibility for how we react to the world around us.

Because the here concept is very simplistic as you realize, the actual practice of this mastery is much more trying- requiring you to wise up and pay attention to everything you give out in life and more importantly are taking in.

Let us say for example that I am are a very pessimistic and angry person. Everyday I go through life it’s a miserable horrible day to be avoided at all costs. When it rains it pours, blah, blah, blah I victimize myself, “oh woe is me“, rain, rain, rain, pour, pour, pour. Right there in that very action I have given my power away to circumstances and situations outside of myself.

When you become irritated or annoyed by something, let’s say someone sitting behind you is reading the newspaper and chewing their gum really loud and in a library of all places! And as your reading a captivating book about lands faraway, suddenly the enjoyment of these “lands” dissipate at the sound of this chewing gum. This sound cracks the back of your spine with a tingling sensation making you want to scream. You think to yourself “ Oh listen to this disregard for other people’s quiet space. This person is so annoying, I can’t stand it anymore, that’s it I’m moving.”

You move to another corner scornfully looking at this person shaking your head; as if they know what’s going on. You sit down and you smell something that does not agree with your nose, the fragrance is too much. You look around you realizing there is no where else to move and this smell is worse than the dame chewing ( oh mercy it’s end of your world).

As humorous as this seems we do this at one point or another. Perhaps not this exact example but the emotions and irritation and blaming other people for the discomfort we feel is the same. The real problem here is, why did you allow yourself to become so irritated to this persons chewing. It’s really your fault you had a weakened concentration field, not the other persons chewing. If you were really concentrated you wouldn’t have heard not one chew nor click. You gave yourself permission to be pissed off, but you didn’t take responsibility for actually initiating the emotion with it’s corresponding action.

It’s time we take back our power and responsibility for our actions, thoughts and yes emotions. As easy as it is to pass blame, it’s even harder to look at ourselves truthfully and admit our mistakes and faults honestly. This does not mean wallowing in self pity for past actions and deeds done wrong. Nor does it mean blaming yourself to the point of shame and guilt because that’s not really healthy neither. Instead wise up, brace yourself and take responsibility for everything you do in a conscious, mature way.

The quicker we fess up and let it go, the faster we grow and strengthen our self authority

As we become aware in how we direct our reactions, the world around us loses power in owning their flow.

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