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December 30, 2010

When we are fighting … view on Bangladeshi Politics

When we are fighting to grab power of the country, the world is changing at a fast pace and leaving us far behind. Since the liberation of Bangladesh, different governments ruled the country at regular intervals. Can we proudly mention one single period of good governance and development that occurred in our country? Can we really measure what development has actually been achieved by our political parties?

The education sector is affected severely due to political unrest. The prime educational institution of Bangladesh e.g. Dhaka University remains closed months after months.

The RMG sector contributes significantly to the growth of our economy. But again political chaos, absence of security put this growing industry at risk.

Global warming will cause rise in sea level and millions of our coastal people will be affected. Where do we stand at present in this context, and what preparation do we have to face that calamity?

Extractable underground water level is decreasing at an alarming rate in the cities due to unplanned urbanization. What measures are we taking to adapt with such a situation?

Isn’t there anyone to look after the country’s interest instead of petty selfish ones?

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