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July 2, 2008

Do You Need Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is something that can have serious complications. Before you decide to go through with Lap Band or Gastric By-pass Surgery, be sure that you have tried everything else.

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States among adults and is increasingly becoming a problem with children. It is estimated that there are about 30-35% of adults that fall into the obesity category. Obesity also brings with it many other health issues that can cause death such as high blood pressure, heart disease, elevations of blood lipids and gallstones.

If you are obese you must find a way lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Reducing weight through food and exercise are not always possible. If you are obese and you are having trouble losing it, you should consult a medical professional and get advice on how get out of the obesity category.

The Lap Band Surgery consists of creating a little pouch in the top part of the stomach and there is no stapling to cut down on food. A 1 1cm incision in the abdomen and the gastric band device is put on the top part of stomach. The stomach is able to function but at a reduced size. A balloon is placed inside and it is adjustable and can be moved back to the original size of the stomach.

If you get Lap Band surgery you will be put under general anesthesia while the operation is done. You will have a 15cc small pouch left to hold food after the surgery is done. It can be inflated and deflated after the operation. Over time the patient will lose weight. The advantages of the surgery is does not cut or staple the stomach. The pouch can also be calibrated and stoma size and it can be adjusted to the needs of the patient’s needs. The laparoscopic surgery can be removed and is completely reversible. You will also be in the hospital less than 48 hours.

Gastric by-pass has been a very successful method for reducing obesity. It is typically only done on severely obese people and it can help people cut done on the other health issue. There are two different types of gastric by-pass surgeries. Roux-en-y gastric bypass and vertical banded gastroplasty are the two options. There are risks associated with the surgeries and can lead to death in both cases. There can also be complications with the surgeries that can make it very difficult for people to hold down food.

After surgery you will have to be on a clear liquid diet for a while and you will be on restrictions for a while. The actual surgery is two hours long and will require you to stay in the hospital for some time. Severe health issues can occur after the surgery such as lung and heart problems. This surgery is also not reversible, making much riskier than the Lap Band surgery. The six week liquid diet that follows the surgery is also challenging for those that receive the surgery.

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