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July 28, 2011

Ways To Save Gas Are Far And Few In-between

There seem to be a number of ideas about ways to save gas. I personally know of only two that truly work and most people are not interested in either one. One is to buy less gas, thus driving less and walking more and driving slower. I have always been a slow driver and I love to walk but most people are not that enthused about either one. However, I hear that there are a bunch of tips about how to save gas that do not work Some of them just don’t make much sense but a few of them I have heard and one of them I even fell for once.

Changing the air filter in your car is the one gas saving tip that I fell for. One day I was getting my oil changed at one of those places where you pull up over some big hole in the ground and sit in your car while the oil is changed. The technician or mechanic or whatever those guys are, told me that if I got my air filter changed I would save gas. Of course saving gas is always a good thing so I said sure. Now I find out that this was a myth. Apparently newer cars have gadgets in them that automatically monitor the amount of gas and air that mix together as the air filter clogs. So while you should get your air filter changed when it needs to be changed, don’t go out of your way to change it in an attempt o save fuel.

Another gas saving tip that seems kind of silly is filling up your tank in the morning. This is based on the idea that liquids are denser when they are cold. However the temperature of gas that comes out of the pump does not change much throughout the day. Whether you fill up at night or in the morning you will be getting the same amount of gas. Of course on ozone action days it is best to fill up after sunset if you can but this is purely an environmental move. You will still get the same amount of gas in your tank.

Not using your air conditioner is another tip that many people do even consider. I have terrible allergies and sinus issues and using the air conditioning in the car would be good for me but I never turn the thing on. While it will only save you about a mile a gallon, when gas is four bucks a gallon, I’ll take the savings. Even if it is very minimal.

Another thing that I try to do in regards to the work commute is work a ton of hours when I am working so that I can work fewer days. By putting in a ten or twelve hour shift in the beginning of the week and adding on a few more hours another day, you may be able to cut out a day of work. Four day work weeks are great for saving fuel.

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