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July 8, 2008

War In Afghanistan Begins To Boil Over

Many people have called it the forgotten war but no one is going to be able to overlook the war in Afghanistan for much longer. More Coalition forces are being killed in Afghanistan than they are in Iraq these days. The war that has been on the back burner for years is starting to be something that is making it into the news more often these days.

Much like the war in Iraq it is hard to truly define where the war in Afghanistan is going. What exactly is the purpose and when will it be over? Neither one of these questions have clear cut answers. However, soldiers are being shipped over to Afghanistan on a regular basis and many of them are losing their lives.

Bush is contemplating sending more troops to Afghanistan. That means that more lives will be in danger. It also means that the war will continue to progress but progress towards what? If troops are going to continually be asked to sacrifice themselves for a war I think that they deserve to know where all of this is going.

The Afghanistan mission began as a quest for the ever elusive bin Laden who is still alive, free and making video statements when he feels like it. The Taliban is out of office but the country is still split on how it feels about that obviously because soldiers are being murdered still.

Bush acknowledges that June was a bad month for American and allied troops in Afghanistan. However, he also says that the month was a tough one for Taliban militants. While this may be true, the only problem with this observation is that we don’t know exactly how many Taliban militants there are. Therefore, while it may have been a month where many militants were killed, there could be hundreds, maybe even thousands more to take their place. 46 foreign troops died in the month of June in Afghanistan, 15 more than the number killed in Iraq. 28 of those were American troops which makes June the deadliest month for American and foreign troops since the war in Afghanistan began.

Bush says that the increase in deaths is due to the fact that troops are taking the fight to the Taliban forces. However, he does not really set out the clear strategy that is going to lead to the end of the war. I think that most of us just want to know at what point we can say, hey, the war is coming to an end.

June is the second month in a row that more troops have died in Afghanistan than they have in Iraq. This is very troubling because it seems like the3 war that was not supposed to really be a war has turned into something much more over the past few months. The number of deaths in may doubled in June and that means that something is changing in Afghanistan. We can choose to trust what Bush says, although I don’t recommend it, or come up with some conclusions of our own.

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