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July 14, 2008

Vatican Needs To Become More Progressive

So the Church of England is moving forward and recognizing that rules set up centuries ago were put in place for uneducated reasons. The Catholic Church is not mature enough to understand that ordaining woman should be just like ordaining anyone. This reliance on apostolic tradition as they say, is based on old stereotypes and the need for male dominance. I am a traditionalist in some aspects of my life but I know that women played a major role in the early church. That only changed because men felt threatened by the power that women had on the church.

That is the problem with these so called “traditionalists”. The traditions that they choose to follow are the ones that came and were upheld after the more traditional values were destroyed. The Vatican has not been able to move beyond the stupid rules that were created for reasons that do not exist anymore. Such as, priest and nuns can not marry. Why would that be? Because at some point priest wee impregnating loads of women and not taking care of the children. Babies were thrown in rivers on a regular basis. So this silly no marriage practice was passed down through the generations. Now, centuries later the denial of the basic human need to have sex is being perverted in molestation of young boys. Sexual denial often turns into something sick and no where is that more evident than in the Catholic priesthood.

The first consecration of a woman bishop could take place in 2015 and this, the Roman Catholic Church says, brings “regrets”. Losers, is all I have to say to that. Wake up and come into this century. Women are actual considered human beings nowadays and spiritually can reach the same levels as men. What is the big deal? Why, in life does one group have to always diminish another in order to feel better about themselves? What is this old world thinking that the Catholic Church can not let of?

I commend the Anglican Church for making a statement, again, that people are just people. Regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. People are spiritual and that is that. Sex organs do not determine that amount of spirituality that a person has. Hwy would that even be a factor?

If people want to leave the Anglican Church because women can be ordained, I say let them go and good riddance. Grow up people. Traditions are main things that we do because we have always done them. So basically, habits. If the habits are not so great, changing them will not make the world a worse place. At a time when the world needs more spirituality and less rigidly defined religious groups, let women bishops be ordained. Let anyone that has something beautiful to share with the world lead and speak, no matter what religion, gender, sexual orientation or race they come form. If you have a light to share with the world, I want to see it no matter where it’s power generates from.

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