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July 8, 2008

Utah First State To Switch To Four Day Work Week

The state of Utah is changing the length of the work week to save energy. Instead of working five days, government employees will work four days in order to help cut down on the amount of energy that is used by the state. Utah is the first state to initiate this practice but I think that many other states will soon follow suit.

It can be said that I was way ahead of the trend. For years I worked three day work weeks and managed to still get in 40 hours it was a great way to have time to myself, save energy and be more productive. You would think that my longer shifts would have tired me out but the contrary was true. I actually was more productive when I worked three days a week because I was so eager to get to those four off days. I also was able to space work out so that I was never burned out.

A five day work week is bad for both employer and employee. By the time Friday roles around many employees are exhausted. Not to mention call offs are frequent on Fridays. If someone has a vacation coming up they are more apt to not make it in that previous Friday. Why not eliminate temptation and cut that last day of the work week out? I think that the results would be very surprising.

Utah is going to try out the four day work week for government employees for a year. After that they will reevaluate the process and see how favorable it is. The employees will work four ten hours days and have an extra long weekend to enjoy. Believe me, it is the way to go. You find that those ten hours shifts are totally worth it. You can separate work and the rest of your life better when you only work four days. You can use Friday to run errands that you typically have clogging up your Saturday and still have two days to rest or play.

Utah, despite what many people think, it s very progressive state. I have a friend who lives there and he has found it to be a very refreshing change to places that where their liberalness on their sleeve but are really resistant to change. While Utah may scare many people away with the religious factor, the state is actually one that is very environmentally conscious and open to new things. I wish that Michigan was smart enough to move to four day work weeks. With the failing economy you would think that Michigan would be one of the first places to sign up for such a thing.

Of course, the whole point of this four day work week is to see if energy can be saved. Will energy be saved by this four day work week? Quite possible. Long commutes will be missing from one day of the week and even though people will still be doing things, they will probably be doing them closer to home, saving gas.

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