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October 14, 2008

Universal Health Coverage Called For By WHO

The World Health Organization is calling for global health care. The disparities between health care systems not just in Third World countries, but for poor people around the global are astonishing. For example, in a Nairobi slum on average, four out of every five children die. However, across town in a part of Kenya that has more money, about one is every sixty-seven children dies. This information was included in the World Health Report 2008 that analysis and presents data about health care around the world.

The report showed how income, not necessarily location determine the quality of health care that is received. If you live in a richer part of town, be it in America or Africa or anywhere in the world, you have a better chance of having good health care. You will probably be able to get to the doctor for basic health care which will help you avoid many preventable diseases. The report also cited the fact that 43 percent of women hat are having babies this year will not have medical help. This is a scary fact. Child birth is a very dangerous time for women. Anything can go wrong and if a skilled doctor or mid wife is not available two lives are in danger.

The report as pointed out that Iran and Cuba had worked to make health care better for people in their countries. They were commended for their strides. Another stunning figure in the report was that people that live in wealthy nations can live up to 40 years longer than those that live in poorer countries. Mortality rates of infants are high in part due to the fact that basic services are not available. If there is no clean water and proper nutrition is not available it will be hard to keep children alive through infancy.

As the world continues to grow there are more people without good health care. If you live in a Third World country it is very likely that you will not be able to get the health care you need to live well. That means that your life expectancy is going to be greatly reduced simply because you don’t have access to proper health care. This type of neglect is disgusting to see but very hard to prevent. There is no way to change where you are born and it can be next to impossible to get out of a poverty stricken area once you are a part of it.

Universal health care is a great idea and the WHO is right to suggest it, but how will it be put into place? Right now the world is struggling to deal with a global economic crisis and the solutions are far and few in-between. There is a food shortage and unemployment problems across the board. Yes, global health care would be wonderful but a way to make it happen is what is lacking right now. The next report should include detailed instructions on how to get global health care.

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