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May 26, 2008

United Nations Peacekeepers Abuse Children

A disgusting report has come out about a few UN peacekeepers. The names and faces have not been identified but the message is all too familiar. Another case of adults who are supposed to be protecting children but are instead abusing them has popped up. Over the years it seems that more and more adults that are working in fields where they are responsible for children are predictors in disguise. The latest incidence involved UN peacekeepers working with children in post conflict areas.

Peacekeepers in the Sudan, Ivory Coast and Haiti have been accused of abuse by Save the Children. The charity group urged that an international watchdog be created to keep an eye on the peacekeepers. Save the Children says that the majority of the abuse is not reported and that the children are too terrified to talk about it.

This makes me wonder how people with the tendency to abuse children are allows into groups such as the UN peacekeepers. Much like previous accusations of priest that abused masses of children in the Catholic Church, the peacekeepers are trusted and in complete control of the children they deal with. Do predictors seek out these types of jobs and somehow slip through the cracks? I know that being a peacekeeper has got to be an extremely tough job but no matter how challenging and stressful it is, I refuse to believe that good people become child abusers.

There is a chance that I am wrong but I do truly believe that there are people that abuse children and people that do not. The line of think that says that people can become abusers does not sit well with me. I think that child abuse takes a certain type of person and with proper testing you may be able to pick up on those tendencies. Of course sometimes people can sneak past the radar of a test but what type of testing do peace keepers undergo?

A terrible story about a 13 year old girl who was gang raped by 10 UN peace keepers made me sick to my stomach. I can not imagine what type of people would inflict such pain and hurt onto another human being let alone a child. A report on the BBC stated that there was little to no support for these children after they are abused. So after living through a conflict in their home, these children are being terrorized by the every people that are supposed to help save them. It must be very difficult for these small victims to understand who the hero’s are.

With so much pain and trouble in the world handling every situation that arises is impossible. However, the UN needs to take action immediately to help combat this abuse. If Save the Children can identify abuse then it seems that a probe by the UN should be able to do that same thing. When children are being hurt it is imperative that the truth be found out as soon as possible.

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