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November 5, 2009

Unemployment is ugly

My friends, it is a cold, nasty, unfriendly, unfeeling, desperate world out there. No, I’m not talking about our beloved Canadian autumn weather (LOVE it!), but rather the world of unemployment. It is a dismal state of affairs; haunting Craigslist day and night, pounding the electronic pavement until your fingers are sore … what a banal life it is!

I had an awesome job, but unfortunately it was a temporary position. I was hired for the summer to teach ESL at a fabulous private school in Toronto, and they were able and willing to extend my contract until October because there were enough students. However, the cold weather is upon us now – shocking, but students from South America aren’t as eager to come to Canada in the winter time – which means the number of students at Fabulous Private School has dwindled, making it a ghost town, and making some of the teachers unnecessary. Of course, those who were hired last are let go first; it makes perfect sense, I understand it fully.  Fabulous Private School was a wonderful place to work, and while part of hopes they will call me back soon, my bank account is hungry and screaming to be fed.

Thus, I am back online checking all the websites I know, trying to find a job. The truth is, blame it on the season, the recession, or H1N1, but there aren’t a lot of jobs out there in this field. Mind you, there are always jobs available in those shady, unaccredited, probably-going-to-close-under-your-nose kind of schools, but even the sadly unemployed must have standards, right? Imagine: I saw an ad today for an ESL school downtown, that did not require any type of certification for its instructors! To qualify, you had to “read, write, speak and understand English. “ True story – those places are out there. Just wading through these sketchy ads is exhausting.

I’ve applied for so many jobs, I feel like applying for jobs has become my full-time job. Please, someone give me a call or drop me a line: I’m not asking for much, just a chance! I know there are lots of ESL teachers out there; it’s like shooting fish in a barrel these days. But I’m fun, energetic, young, hip, and desperate enough to blog about my predicament – come on, there’s something endearing about *that* kind of desperation … no?

To anyone else out there on the job hunt, I feel your pain. People are telling you to buck up, that things will turn around, and that everything will be fine, right? Do they tell you this just before launching into complaints about their jobs? Take a breath, and try not to punch them in the face while screaming, “AT LEAST YOU HAVE A JOB!” Having a sucky job is not fun either – but yes, they are lucky to have one, I know. Buck up, things will turn around. Everything will be fine. (Please give me a job.)

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