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September 3, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Reeks Havoc

Florida was pounded by tropical storm Fay from Thursday evening to Saturday after noon. As the storm hung over the Florida Panhandle the rain continued to come. 20 to 30 inches of rain had fallen in the east-central Florida by Friday. Eleven people in Florida and one in Georgia died in storm related deaths.

Even though Fay is now a tropical depression, it continues to hang over Florida panhandle, west Georgia and Alabama. Southeast Louisiana is also in danger of seeing heavy rain and possibly tornados due to Fay. The storm is expected to stall over southeast Louisiana before it moves northwest into Mississippi.

It may seem like a tropical depression should not pose much of a threat, but that is not the case. Flooding is a huge concern in low lying areas because Fay could still drop a foot of rain over the states that have already had a great deal of rain. This could mean trouble for the areas that are already on the verge of flooding.

Fay has been reeking havoc for eight days now. The storm began over the Dominican Republic and swept through Haiti and Cuba before hitting the lower portion of the southern United States. 10 people died in Haiti died from flooding and that toll could climb as the storm dumps endless rain over Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

This storm has become quite a nuisance for those that live in that areas that it is effecting. Even though the hurricane threat is over for now, the threat of severe weather that could lead to death is still there. Residents will not be able to rest until the storm is completely done with the area.

Meanwhile residents are working to clean up the destruction that has already been doled out by the storm. While Fay continues to travel 8 miles per hour residents are working to pick up the pieces. Those that escaped flooding were very lucky. Many have trees down in their front yards but their homes are still intact. Those that had to evacuate because of the flooding will have to wait a little bit longer before they can return to their flooded homes.

As Fay dies down the threat of other storms looms in the background. Typically new storms hit one right after another. The clean up efforts tend to be in vain until the hurricane season is over.

Parts of the state of Florida have already been declared a disaster area. Making them very dangerous places for anyone to be right now. Shelters were set up for residents that were living in the path of the storm. Fay caused problems as far north as Jacksonville and in the lower portion of Georgia.

Fay the time everything is over with, I is expected that Fay will have produced 6 to 12 inches of rainfall. Some areas could actually get as much as 20 inches of rain so even though all of the warnings are over, that does not mean that things are safe.

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