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September 3, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Picks Up Strength

Tropical storm Fay is cutting it’s way towards the Florida Keys. About 25,000 people are expected to the Florida Keys. As tropical storm Fay inches towards Cuba, it is gaining strength. Occupants were asked to start leaving the Florida Keys at 8 a.m. this morning. Anyone who lives in a mobile home or a low-lying area was also asked to leave.

By the time tropical storm Fay reaches the middle of Cuba it could be at hurricane strength. The Florida Keys will probably be hit by Monday morning, just before noon. Tropical storm Fay was heading west-northwest at about 13 mph. Sustained winds were reaching 50 mph with an occasional higher gust.

Fay should cross the Florida Keys by night fall tomorrow and hit the Gulf Coast of Florida. The range of winds that the storm will reach is of course, not known at this point. If it reaches 74 mph it will become a category 1 hurricane. The residents of Florida have been urged to prepare for severe, unpredictable weather. The state of Florida has partially activated the state emergency management office.

The recent destruction of hurricanes along the gulf coast have left residents more cautious. Although hurricanes are commonplace in Florida, in the past only the really big ones were a huge concern. However, since Hurricane Katrina, people are realizing that hurricanes, no matter how strong they may be should be taken into account.

There are some hurricane watches in effect for a couple of provinces in Cuba. The Florida Keys and some other parts of Florida have also issued hurricane watches. The watches of course mean that hurricane conditions are possible within 36 hours. Other parts of Cuba also issued a tropical storm warning for parts of the country. Tropical storm warnings mean that tropical storm conditions could reach the area within the next 36 hours.

Jamaica and the Cayman Island also have tropical storm warnings issued. The forecasters are trying to make sure that everyone in the storm’s path knows that there is a certain level of danger associated with the weather that is headed their way.

As the storm nears residents board up their houses and try to keep track of what is happening. It is quite a burden to leave town every time there is a tropical storm warning or hurricane spotted in the area. Of course, the one time you decide to stay could be the time that destruction ad havoc is reeked.

I don’t envy those living in tropical areas at all. I will keep the snow and deciduous forest and changing seasons. I don’t want to live in a place where I probably will have to rebuild my home every few years. It must be especially hard on the seniors that take up refuge down there in the Florida Keys and along the gulf coast. Only time will tell what will become of the current tropical storm and hurricane watches. Residents of the affected areas will have to sit and wait until something happens, or doesn’t happen.

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