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July 24, 2011

Toxic Relationships

I’ve been through many wonderful and inspiring relationships throughout my life. Some have been really motivating friendships, others enthusiastic collaborations and some have not been able to inspire me whatsoever. The ones that do not inspire me or motivate me I consider toxic relationships.

We all have or have had people in our lives that do nothing but cause us stress, bore us, or make us want to hurl in their presence. And I’ve learned that it’s not even really about them or their actions, but rather that we are not on the same frequency of understanding.

For example, if you put an introspective poet together with a scientific scholar, chances are that they will not be on the same level of comprehension, let alone share the same interests. That’s not to say that everyone is this way, but majority of us fall victim to these circumstances.

I’ve tried my best to be entertained by other people who are very different than I. Actually, I am able to get along with just about anyone in social settings and what not but when I comes to conversation and relating on the same level, I find many people do not share my same interests and thus I’m left drowning in conversations that give me no excitement whatsoever. But however, when I do tune into people more on my groove of interpretation, I find harmony in a collective whole, regardless of how individual we seem; we share a common thread.

I believe that it’s always good to drift from your normal interactions and onto foreign soils because it gives you insight into the many different levels of human nature. Now with that in mind, if these interactions prove toxic to your state of mind get out. But it’s not such a bad thing to experience it in a subtle way, because I feel it expands your sense of understanding other peoples view points.

Just because I may not fully understand you or “get” you dose not imply that you are below me or I below you, it just suggests that we are on different wavelengths and that happens.

Essentially, find likeminded people who share your aspirations and drive to create. Allow yourself the flexibility to embrace other types of people while at the same rate drifting to those who share your common interests- because there is nothing worse than being a fish out of water.

The bottom line remains in any relationship you may have with another person is this; try to find what this person can teach you about yourself. I believe we are all mirrors to each person we meet and that there is always a learning lesson in place. Perhaps someone who you feel is annoying and stupid can teach you about tolerance and patience because these are the emotions that are testing you in this moment.

Whatever the reason, move towards inspirational relationships and leave the toxic ones behind because like attract likes and you want something that is going to fill you with a sense of awe and creative energy.

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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