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July 18, 2008

Toddler Dies After Two Hours In Sweltering Car

Over the past two days the thermostat has reached 90 degrees in Michigan. Being outside has led to heat exhausting for several people. The worst case of someone suffering from the heat is that of a toddler named Alyssa.

The three year old was left in a truck for two hours in the afternoon. The temperature that was recorded at that time was 88 degrees. It is not clear why the child was left in the car. The father was the last person to drive the car and the mother was at work during the morning.

I don’t know what the reason would be but I can’t imagine that there is an acceptable reason why this child was in the car. There are mistakes but this goes far beyond that. The parents are a couple in their late twenties. The details have not bee released yet but we know that a toddler was left in a car with the windows rolled up in 88 degree heat.

The strange think about life is that so many different kinds of people cane bring it into the world. There are very few prerequisites for having a baby. I don’t know this couple or why the baby was in the truck but something was not right with the parenting that was going on. Even if the child wandered off to the truck herself it seems like that would be a place to check if the child was missing. I don’t want to pass judgment but it seems like someone should have been more aware of the situation.

A call was placed to the police that there was an unconscious toddler in a car. By the time the child was rescued it was too late. Will charges be brought against whoever left the child in the car? It will be very interesting to find out what the situation was in this case.

It is very sad that so many children in the world are unsafe. Everyday there are terrifying stories about children being mistreated. Whether they are murdered, kidnapped, molested or neglected, children are the victims of crimes way too much. A life is important and should be treated as such. There are very few circumstances that are going to be able to justify this carelessness.

I do feel for the parents. The loss of a child must be one of the most damaging things that could ever happen to a person. I think that sometimes people take the fragility of children’s lives for granted. They really are completely depended on adults to ensure that they are safe. Parenting is a full time job that does not allow much in the way of down time. Looking away for a moment can be fatal.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. A neighbor took the family a card and said that the situation was explained to her. The rest of us will have to wait and see what exactly happened to this little girl.

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