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July 9, 2008

Tibetan`s Storm Chinese Embassy

Tibetan protesters stormed the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Hundreds of protesters were held back by Nepalese policeman as they protested Chinese control of their homeland. The protesters that were detained will be released according to police.

Even though it has not made the news much, Tibetan protesters have been protesting in Nepal since March on a very frequent basis. In fact, protests have been staged just about every day since then. It seems that protest that are not near the embassy have not been disrupted to the point that this one was. Nepal will not tolerate any protest near the Chinese embassy because they are on good terms with China.

The protest against the Chinese government’s control of Tibet have not been very successful. It seems that the Chinese government is not open to negotiation, for the most part with Tibet. The country has made it very clear that they are not big fans of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. They also have made it clear that they are not interested in leaving Tibet. This makes a solution very unlikely and difficult to imagine.

With the Olympic games just a few weeks away, the protest of China’s occupation of Tibet will likely continue and intensify. At what point does the Chinese government recognize that something must be done and that talks must begin? Why allow Tibet to be in turmoil and protests to rage around the world over the subject of Tibet? The world has got enough problems.

What will happen around the world when the Olympics are underway? Athletes from around the world will gather in China for the games. What will the world uncover when they step foot into China? The truth of what is going on in Tibet will probably not be evident during the game. The Chinese government has been very secretive about all types of things that go on behind the red curtain of China. I am sure that any troubles that can be covered up will be while the games are going on. Tibet will need to lay silent while the games are going on to remain safe. I don’t think that the Chinese government will do anything that will be judged as inappropriate while the world is in China but what will happen when everyone goes home?

The clash with Tibetan protesters and police in Kathmandu is just one example of protesters in a part of the world other than Tibet where people are upset about Chinese occupation of Tibet. Whether or not China is right or wrong or Tibet is right or wrong, something needs to be figured out for this situation. Some level heads need to come together and work out a feasible deal that will work for both sides. A compromise is the only way to settle the issue of Chinese occupation of Tibet. At some point the two sides will have to come together, possibly with a mediator, and come up with something that works for both of them.

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