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June 26, 2008

Tibet Allows Torch In Without Trouble

Tibet allowed the Olympic torch to enter the city without incident. There was some political rhetoric but the presence of people hat did not want the torch there was small. Most locals stayed away from the entire scene.

The 5.8 mile run began in Norbulingka where the Dalai Lama’s former summer palace is and ended at the Potala Palace. This occurred just three months after violent protest of the Olympics in Lhasa. It is reported that some residents were told to stay hoe and not attend the rally.

The running of the Olympic torch which is supposed to be a symbol of great freedom and spirit. So why would Chinese officials use the running of the torch as a time to sprout pro-Chinese rhetoric? I mean, come on, weren’t they the ones that wanted the politics out of the Olympics? I guess things change when the shoe is on the other foot.

Beijing Olympic officials claim that of the 156 torchbearers that ran through Lhasa 75 were ethnic Tibetans. While that may be so, the arguments over the Dalai Lama and the status of Tibet have not stopped. The fact the ordinary Tibetans were not allowed to go to the running of the torch is also very disturbing. If China Tibet to be a part of China I think they should start considering how they can be a part of China.

Of course, after the terrible earthquakes that took place in China recently it was nice to see the torch be run through the streets of Tibet without trouble. At this point I am sure that like myself, many Chinese just want safety and calm, no matter what part of the country they may be in. The devastation of the earthquakes and mud slides will resound for a long while to come.

Even though there were issues with the running of the torch the ceremony was reportedly beautiful and festive. The crowd was controlled and the torch was delivered without fail. The Olympics are not that far off now and it will be interesting to see what happens when they world enters the borders of China.

I hope that the games go on without any terrible incidents. The Olympics should a wonderful experiences were the entire world comes to play. Victories and defeats and pride should be the result of the Olympic games, not political strife. China needs to find some kind of a middle ground to deal with the Dalai Lama and Tibet. Making silly declarations like “the stars of China will forever fly over Tibet and we can smash the Dalai clique” is not productive. Especially at the running of the Olympic torch. Hopefully there will not be that kind of foolishness being said at the actual Olympic games. No one cares to hear such a one side, closed minded piece of rhetoric. Let the Olympic games go on and leave the political issues for China to deal with without the world or world events being pulled into it.

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