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February 20, 2011

Three Innocent Babies Found Dead in Germany Woman`s Freezer

Sometime my father and I argue. He wants me to get a better job or find a nice boy to marry or not let my bellybutton show or some other futile request. I complain about his attempts to rule my life even though really, he is just trying to get me to live in the way he thinks is best. But really, am so lucky.

I am so very lucky because when I was born my parents did not commit some unnamable crime against me. They did not freeze me or plant me in a fish tank or any of the other sick things that several mothers throughout Germany are accused of doing. I understand that parenthood is not always entered willingly but really, there are other ways to get children out of your life than to kill or torture them.

After the terrible story of Joseph Fritlz locking his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and impregnating her seven times, I thought that terrible parent stories were over for now. Then I read about the woman in Germany that had three frozen babies in her freezer. What exactly would prompt someone to do such a thing? The information was sketching and the causes of death were pending but really, what causes people to do such things?

Apparently there have been a rash of babies murders throughout Germany recently. Not only are people murdering helpless babies, they are keeping the bodies. One woman apparently put several dead babies in fish tanks in her garden. I am aware that there are some killer that save trophies from their kills but these murders were mothers save the bodies of their dead children seem to mean something else.

The way that the story of the three babies in the freezer unfolded is very odd. First of all, the woman’s freezer that these babies were in had three adult children that still lived with her and her husband. The three children ere home alone on the weekend and were searching for frozen pizza. They decided to do a good deed for their folks by cleaning expired food out of the freezer. That was how they found the three babies.

What goes through one’s mind when the stumble across the bodies of three dead babies? A discovery of that magnitude leave permanent scars on the finders and what do the three grown children think of their parents now? How do you even begin to think of your parents who you still live with as murderers?

I know that atrocities have occurred since the beginning of time and that the prevalence of destruction is in part due to the media. Now we have ways to get news instantly, providing us with the grim details of what humans do to one another instantaneously. But it seems to me that something has happened in the world. A certain sense of despair has gripped the globe and people are destitute and apathetic. It is clear that something must be done to stop the horrors that parents are enacting on their innocent children but there is no clear answer as to what that something might be.

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