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July 15, 2008

Threat of War With Iran

I would really like to stop reading and writing about wars and missiles. However, because world leaders are not smart enough to realize that blowing up the world is a bad idea, here goes another potential war story.

Iran is testing missiles. Why? Who knows. I guess they are trying to show that they have the power to do so. Great. What does that mean? All it means is that other countries are going to get their guard up. I hope and pray that all of this test missile stuff does not lead to yet another attack, but it does not look hopeful.

It seemed like a few days ago Iran was read to engage in talks about United Nations inspections. Now they are launching missiles? What happened and how can it be reversed? Israel and the United States are of course ready to attack if necessary, making things very hairy for all of us. Please, please have some type of talk and stop the threat of yet another war.

The unfriendly words that have come out of Iran state that an attack by Israel and/or the United States would prompt a counter attack. Israel and U.S. holdings in the Persian Gulf would be the areas that would be hit according to and aide of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Some of the areas that are in range of the missiles are Turkey, Pakistan, the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa.

These test missile launches come about a month after Israel deiced to do a military drill in the Mediterranean. Of course, drills often precede attacks and it was seen as a bold statement that Israel could and would attack Iran to destroy their nuclear program. A message such as that leaves the country that gets the message, little choice other than to test their own weapons. Just to show that they too can attack. What a foolish game to be played by grown men. My weapons reach as far or further than your weapons. We will blow you up if we have to. Well, we will blow you up if we have to. Come on. Can’t the world find a better way?

I am not a world leader. I don’t have an political experience but I do know that aggression is met with aggression. How about taking a step back and thinking about what it means to launch missiles and practice attacks. What can possible come of those things except for more aggression? Now Israel say that their super spy plane to spy on Iran is the only “practical answer”. Really? Well how about not practicing your attacks in preparation of attacking? Sending a spy plane will do nothing but make things worse. What type of practical answer is that. Not to mention, threats are very subjective in this instance. The threats seem to be coming from both sides. Wouldn’t the situation improve if all those involved just shut up and stopped preparing to attack one another. It seems so simple in my head. Perhaps it is not. I don’t know.

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