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January 11, 2011

The Writing Life Is A Plunge Worth Taking

I love to write. I can not remember ever wanting to do anything else as a career. Words have been better friends to me than some people have. I write for leisure, money, sanity, satisfaction….I think you get the picture. I write because I write because I write.

It is never easy to hold on to that first dream of what you want your life to be. A lot of things will get in the way. Money, loved ones, society all of these things can have a major impact on what you do with yourself. For me, writing was that thing that every one told me to let go but I wanted to write.

When I first graduated college I got an opportunity to do some freelance writing for Internet articles. I really loved sitting in front of my computer and researching articles. I enjoyed being able to write whenever and wherever I wanted but I did not enjoy the fifty hours I was working at a restaurant to make ends meet. While the freelance writing was great and rewarding, it simply did not pay enough.

But I wanted to write. And write I did. Never for as much money as it should have been for and always in spite of loaded work schedules but I was still a part of the world I wanted to be in. I wrote in-between my splits shifts at the restaurant I worked at. I wrote when I was making customer service calls at the other job I had to take on in addition to the restaurant job. I wrote and wrote and wrote.

The first year I was a freelance writer I made less than five hundred dollars but I was so incredibly happy that I made five hundred dollars from writing. The second year I made close to a thousand and once again, I was elated. Then in 2006, I self published a book of poems and was surprised at how well people responded to it. No it was not a best seller but I was able to see my name in print and sell my book. I continued writing articles for web pages and for 2006 I was able to bring in over three thousand dollars from my writing.

Then 2007 came along and I was tired of working day and night. Last March I took a huge leap of faith. I quit the job that I had been working for 13 years (it was my first job, fresh out of high school) and decided to really focus on my writing. Throughout the years of working endless hours and going to school, I had accumulated 40,000 words of a novel. But when I took on the second full time job, I really only had time for article writing. My personal creative writing was on the back burner. So gave a month’s notice to my managers and took a deep breath. It was time to see what I was made of.

Fast forward eleven months and where am I at? Life has changed a lot. I still can’t quit my day job but I have finished the novel and have an editor and a literary agent that it interested in it. The freelance writing lives on and for once, I am more than happy to pay taxes on the six thousand plus dollars that I made on my writing. Not quite there yet but I am happy to say that I am still on my way.

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  1. TruthWhisphers | Feb 28, 2008 | Reply

    I really enjoyed this article as i can relate, i am beginning my freelance writing career and your article has inspired my journey by your pure simplicity! Your enthusiaim and joy to just write is an insiring feat that is not tainted by the bottom line- good on you


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