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January 9, 2011

The Seductive Nature Of Our Fears (Part Two)

The last topic I touched upon, in the beginning part of this series invited you into the realm of our fears. Both the good and bad elements of fear as well as the many faces fear presents to us.

I challenge you to look at your fears with a passion to understand them and perhaps overcome the need to always be limited by their influence. I challenge you to ease up on the self-judgment and criticism, for they are also derivatives of fear. Along with guilt and shame, you not need to beat or berate yourself for being afraid to be honest and sincere with yourself- you deserve the affection from self- love, not the self loathing that fear constricts you to.

You are not a hostage anymore; you already have the reconnaissance team ready to aid you in your liberation; your heart, mind and soul. You can choose at any time where to land your army, for they obey your every command. Whether it comes from love or hatred- so be wise to apply energy that will positively benefit you. Make sure that fear is not infiltrating your team by misguiding their efforts through blinding their clarity and offering them doubt instead.

If we allow our fears whatever they may be to prey upon our emotions, intentions and psychological patterns, we run the grave risk of submitting ourselves to what we do not deserve. If we can apply caution with a trusting outlook, then we can move beyond the worries and frets and onto a level of empowerment. To become empowered is to break through those manipulative patterns of fear and reclaim our power to choose courage instead of angst.

In the last article I briefly touched upon some positive affirmations that help to install a healthy self concept. I’ve learned through my own experiences that just saying affirmations is not enough to really change a belief structure, habit or pattern. Positive affirmations coupled with visualizations and the pure intent to make it come to pass combines a third force, a synergy that propels their manifestations quicker.

But like any pattern, it takes much time to actually come to a level of full self- empowerment. It’s not the saying of positive affirmations that dispels fear from your psyche, but the very moment in which fear is presented to you, it is your reaction to what is happening that determines how quick you can overcome your fears.

Everyone learns at different levels. For some this may be a walk in the park, for others the park becomes rough terrain and it takes them much longer to get through. But the fact remains that we always have the power of choice. More specifically, the power to choose how we respond what is going on around us, but more importantly what is going on inside us.

Because fear is a natural state of our condition, we cannot rid it’s presence all together but we can use the healthy aspects to transition us onto a level of understanding- that what we fear is actually ourselves. We fear we may not be able to pull through, make due, accomplish our goals and dreams or ever be happy. When you truly look at all these elements, you see that the faster we run from ourselves, the greater the fear becomes and in the long haul it becomes harder to overcome.

I am not an expert on the human condition, but I have had my own experiences that I can share with you, perhaps you can relate to it maybe not, the bottom line is this- let us open our minds to embrace the known and unknown elements of life.

Let us be open to what is scary, and let that emotion guide us to what is pleasant about our lives. When we realize the seductive nature of our fears is only an illusion, the temptation to go after it lessens and we realize that the power to overcome it was always within us.

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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