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January 5, 2011

The Seductive Nature Of Our Fears ( Part One)

Have you ever felt so petrified by something or someone that you literally could not move? Have you ever felt so chocked up that to speak all you could do was whimper? Have you ever felt backed into a corner where either choice you made you feared the outcome and was even afraid to make a choice altogether?

The good thing is that we all have these fears, regardless of what degree they might be presented to us in the course of our experiences. From fearing what people will think about us, to fearing flying a plane, to fearing your mate will leave you; fear in itself has many different faces, but all these aspects steam from the same root.

Fear is actually a healthy signal to alert us when we are in danger. The problem now is that we have allowed that fear to make a nesting place in our hearts, emotions and thoughts. Instead of utilizing fear for it’s healthy apparatus, we have allowed it to literally overpower us with petty fantasies that are just an illusion.

Have you ever heard the saying, “ what you fear will grow”? Or “ you attract your most dominate fears”. These are not just sayings but hold powerful currents of truth.

I’ve lived half my life in fear, and the other half untangling myself from it’s nature. I’ve realized that I cannot eliminate fear from my life altogether, but I definitely have the power in how I choose to react to it.

Let me give you an example:

I used to fear what people thought about me, whether they liked me, whether I was popular and this fear grew to materialize itself as circumstances that I grew to dread. I did get made fun of and people did talk about me and I had hated those years of my life. Many years after that battle, I realized many things. That if I accepted myself for who I was and not what other childish people expected of me I wouldn’t have fell into such a predicament. I recognized that by constantly fearing I attracted to me its very presence that I had to deal with.

I obviously grew out of that stage and now I am such an independent person because of it; I’ve learned never compromise my integrity for the thoughts of others ever again. Now I could care less what people think about me; it’s none of my business.

In more recent times I’ve realized how seductively fearful my thoughts have become. Whether it’s making deadlines or how I look to fearing unknown experiences, I noticed my thoughts have been so fearful that my emotions react to them in the same manner. It’s a chain reaction you know. I’ve been working diligently with positive affirmations lately and a lot of deep introspection and it’s been working. But other times it seems like nothings changed.

Because fear is such a broad and heavy subject I’ve decided to write about it in segments, perhaps not in consecutive order but I will add on when the time is right. I feel that by writing down what you fear, consequently that fear loses it’s power over you.

Try it out and test for yourself. Write down whatever it is you fear, then ask yourself why do I fear these things in the first place. Then if you can write down positive elements you could utilize instead of the negative then your on your way to dealing with and overcoming your fearful nature.

Like I said it’s the beginning, obviously some people have deeper issues that’s going to take more than a piece of paper to get over, but I do hope that this can perhaps take the immediate nerve from the situation.

(Speaking out loud positive affirmations has the powerful energy to empower you thoughts)

Example of fear and positive affirmations:

My health is failing me or I am sick

I have vibrant and radiant health and I am thankful for it I take responsiblity for my healing nowEveryone at work hates meI have loving relations with all the people I work with

I have no money and I am broke all the time

All of my need are met above and beyond my greatest expectationsI always have more than enough money to meet my needs I might never fall in loveI know I will attract to me the love I desire when I am truly ready to receive it

Continued: The Seductive Nature Of Our Fears (Part Two)

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4 Comment(s)

  1. Sean | Jan 24, 2008 | Reply

    Would love to read the second part. Interesting read. I know guys don’t talk about their own stuff but it’s good to read your article and seeing it from another person’s point of view. Are you a male or female? If female – that would explain a lot you said on here.

  2. Lorraine | Jan 24, 2008 | Reply

    This is a very good and totally me. I can relate to your topic. I think for me, it was those teenage school fears. I always thought no one likes and I have to do the things to make other happy. I was always worried about what others were thinking of me. But I think that was a learning stage. I am all grown up now. I am in a loving relationship and keep faith – thats all i can say. You are you and when the time is right everything will fall in place.

  3. TruthWhisphers | Jan 24, 2008 | Reply

    So true, i am a female!!! But everything dose fall into place

  4. Sterling | Feb 4, 2008 | Reply

    Wow, powerful message. Even when we think we’re beyond fear it is still constantly lurking and affecting our actions without us being aware of it. Could be something as simple as looking away shyly when someone smiles at you, or not taking swing dance because you don’t want to look like a silly beginner.

    Good affirmations for dealing with those moments when we’re actually aware of our fear.

    Thank you for the great post!

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