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June 6, 2008

The Mexican Drug War Leaves Police Couple Dead

Mexico is fighting to combat drug trafficking along the border but to this point, they seem to be losing. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is home to the Juarez drug cartel. Violence is gripping the border towns of Mexico and Texas with a rash of drug trafficking and killings. Police officers have been victims of the fighting along the border several times this year, leaving over a dozen officers dead this year.

The two latest officers were husband and wife. Gabriel Padilla Perez and Claudia Tovar Carreon were murdered in the entrance of their home in Ciudad Juarez. The officers have two small children that will never see their parents alive again.

Illegal drug trafficking has been around for centuries. The need to use drugs to escape reality has long been a part of many people’s lives. Life can be challenging and the need to remove your mind from it is a wish that many people have. The fact that there are some drugs that are illegal makes trafficking profitable and encourages individuals that don’t or can not get jobs to start selling drugs. Mexico has turned into a place of great warring recently. Cops are being murdered and civilians are not safe. A pregnant woman perished in a gun fight recently citizens on both sides of the border are afraid.

There has been much debate about he Texas Mexican border as of late. Slipping through the border between Mexico and Texas is dangerous but thousands of people are able to do it every year. This includes drug cartels. Stepping up border security will not help if the cartels have better weapons and good strategies. Mexico is working to stop drugs from being sold and transported through border towns but the war is starting to be too much for police officers. Many officers are seeking political asylum in the U.S. because they fear for their lives so much. What can be done to stop this terrible surge in drug trafficking?

When the police ca not protect and serve the citizens of their community things fall apart. Tourism and commerce began to shut down. Seeing as border towns are in part dependent on tourism, the more violence there is, the less visitors there will be. These drug cartels are destroying their own communities with their murders and drug trafficking.

What type of people deal drugs? Ruthless, money hungry, ready to kill people. Unfortunately, the only way that the Mexican police will be able to combat the drug problem is to become more like the drug cartel members they are hunting. They must be suspicious of everyone and shoot first or lose their lives. This is not the way that I generally think that police work should be done but in this case, it seems like it is necessary. Drugs ruin the lives of those that take them and sell them. This is a battle that the police must win in order to keep the town viable. One needs only to look at cites that have been overrun with drugs to see how terrible things can really get.

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