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July 29, 2011

The Loss of Only Children In China`s Massive Earthquake

A week after China’s massive earthquake bodies are still piling up. Aftershocks shake the ground periodically further terrifying survivors of the earthquake. As the days go on more misery strikes the country as more and more children are recovered from the rumble. Over the past week news reports have stated that some of the children can be seen still seated in their classrooms but they are all dead. For many those children are all the lineage they have.

The loss of children is always extremely painful. Parents are always ready to pass on before their children. In the past week many mothers and fathers have suffered the loss of their only child. The one child policy has truly comeback to haunt the country and to add insult to injury, some of the deaths many have been prevented if better building material had been used to construct schools. Parents that have lost their only child must be outraged to hear that some of the devastation may have been prevented.

The Chinese government is Communist, on paper at least. Communist countries do have scores of millionaires but that is another issue all together. The issue at hand is that it seems like the Chinese government exercises its power and authority when it comes to human rights issues. Families may have one child and this law is enforced, even in rural areas, but builders can use whatever type of material they chose to build schools that will hold these precious only children. It seems like issues concerning safety and the well being of its citizens should be as important as controlling individual lives. It must be challenging to make sure that families across the vast land that is China do not have more than one child but somehow, the government manages. If this feat can be carried out, surely safeguarding citizens from cheap buildings can be done.

It will be interesting to see what changes the government makes in the wake of this destructive earthquake. The death toll has hit 40,000 already and there are still tens of thousands of people missing in China. the government made the choice to curb overpopulation years ago at a point when something had to be done.

Other human rights issues have been handled swiftly in China, executions are carried out for criminals and citizens are kept in check rather efficiently. Major advances in technology and business have come out of China over the past few decades and the country is a world leader. Yet the country has not taken decent measures to ensure that schools are safer during an earthquake? I know that the people can not really revolt against the government but something needs to be done. China needs to take more interest in caring for the population. Control is great but when tens of thousands of people die, many of them school children and only children of most families, someone needs to make sure that some precautions are put in place before something like that happens again.

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