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July 24, 2011

The Hollywood image/illusion

Since our modern society is literally being consumed with celebrity coverage, it’s only fitting that I write my take on this rampant disease. Yes you read right, its a disease and it’s coming to a home town near you. Everyone is so concerned about these dame celebrities, who’s dating who, who crazy, who career is falling apart, to be honest- who cares. But for some reason these celebrities are being thrusted upon this imaginary pedestal and in the process us “regular” folks lose a sense of self esteem. 

We’ve become so obsessed with things and images outside ourselves that in the process we end up losing a piece of our identity.

 We forget the important factors in life, for instance- third world issues, war, domestic issues, personal issues and the list goes on. Because these are some really hardcore matters, it’s much easier to turn on the t.v or read some superficial magazine to bury our attention away from these pressing problems.

It seems that we have been “star gazing” in the wrong direction, most considerably the wrong stars. We no longer look at the stars in the skies and make a wish, rather we with we had fabulous lives of the rich and famous. We wish we had their good looks, clothes, status and the rest of it. But why? In my personal opinion, I could not ever want to be anyone but myself and most importantly, I would never downplay my identity in the face of some celebrity, I don’t care who they are- I love myself unconditionally.

I hear alot of people say, “oh wish I could look like her” but why- do you not love yourself? The problem with all this celebrity focus is that we have lost a portion of our identity and in losing such an important piece of ourselves, we feel we should model those who are “better” than us. To be really honest here, what you get on the TVs, magazines and music videos is  the finished product. After the make-up, hair, rehearsal time, not to mention the airbrushed finished touches, what we receive is an illusionary image we think to be “real”. But what the hell is real these day ? Please think about.

I cannot stress enough that all these celebrities and what not got issues just like the rest of us, they are not immune to being human. So don’t think for a second that your life could never measure up because you got issues – cuz trust me, everyone does.

What this world needs is good slap across the eyes, wake up and smell the truth- the longer we run from ourselves, the more twisted the world will become ! It’s time to throw away the TVs and stop reading garbage- ingest something meaningful in your minds and you will reap some awesome benefits.

It’s time to leave the shallow waters of Hollywood- lets be real with ourselves and stop focusing on these distractions. Instead let us focus on the issues at hand and look for solutions to heal this dying planet and ourselves in the process.

This rant has been brought to you by: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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