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January 29, 2011

The Growing Power Of Technology- Friend Or Foe

Technology has become a double edged sword these days. We have adapted to a way of life in which chips and electrical frequencies have become apart of us. With the continual updates and technological advancements being made in pop culture, many of these new gadgets have really become unnecessary. Sure it makes our life convenient but we depend on things in which we could live without.

What ever happened to a cell phone just being a regular phone? Do we really need to roam the internet, take pictures and record every instant we have from our phones? Sure camera phones have come in handy these days, spotting violence and catching random acts of randomness. But really how much is too much? I know of people who cannot live without there crack-berry, I mean black-berry but you get my drift. Not to mention the iPod world, touch sensitive screens and all the other “must haves” of the fleeting moment.

Speaking of fleeting moments, there was a recent ITN News video in the U.K that reported more and more pedestrians are bumping into things by texting and walking. It’s gotten so bad to the point they have padded the lampposts in East London’s busy Brick Lane. How much is too much? We have become so consumed by our little devices that the entire scenery of life is blurred with pop up messages we “gotta” reply to.

What’s happening to the world? It’s even worse when folks have gotten into the habit of texting and driving all while listening to there iPods- “I didn’t hear the horn”.

The absurd nature of all this is amusing and shameful at the same time. I’m not advocating retreating into the dark ages or anything but I am stating that if not curbed with practicality this growing trend of technology might take away our focus on the more precious elements of life- birds singing in the trees, clouds floating along the blue horizon and less chances of walking into lampposts!

In all reality we have created a digital fortress in which we cloak ourselves with- but this world also binds us into a self absorbed reality where we notice less and less.

Imagine in third world countries where the luxury of all these little conveniences are not felt- these people live simple lives, often content- not a slave to technology.

But even in some of the third world, cell phones and pods are emerging on the scene- just another part of the norm.

Think for a moment what life would be like without TVs, cell phones, iPods and video games and yes the internet.

Would we be able to survive without these elements? Revert back to the typewriter, parks and books-just thinking out loud. The reality remains that our society is so entrenched in this way of living I think there would be a mass melt down and people would protest and start looting about the cities.

Functional living as we know it would cease operate, yet in some eastern countries and small villages people have lived like this and seem to function perfectly fine. What would happen if we switched places? How would they adapt to our fast paced modern world, and how would we adapt to their simple, slow moving world?

It would be an interesting experiment if western society switched places with small villages of aboriginal peoples- who knows it might just become a reality TV show!

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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  1. Eric Savoie | May 19, 2010 | Reply

    Dear writer

    I disagree with the fact that we are the slave of the technology, because we must use the technology to free ourselves from that chaos and with transparency bring clarity to the way we live. Like I have read on an article “who is preparing the world for 10 billion people?” Nobody is doing the planning, and that is the one thing I did that contributed to my evolution. The world is growing more and more complexe and this is called evolution. We can’t be mad at what the evolution is bringing to us, we need to learn how not to be enslaved by it. Technology is like money, it should be used as a servant not a master. I belive that the sequence of events that should happen is start connecting with ourselves by having more time, having more time is done with structure and organization, that is done with trus benefits how to involve humans in a business operation. Would you agree that the corporate structure is affecting a lots of people all over the world? Our small businesses are left behind and we are suffering greatly by that effect alone, if you take the time to think it over. I have worked on it and have found solutions for my business which I would like to share with other business owners.

    Kind Regards

    Eric Savoie

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