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February 23, 2009

Tetley’s Red Tea

I’m a self-confessed Tea Granny. I may be only 26 years old, but deep down inside is a little old lady who loves her tea. If I had the time, I could probably do nothing but sit all day and drink tea, and be very content. My favourite of all is English Breakfast, and I love it black – no milk, no sugar, no lemon or honey, just pure tea at its best.

Lately I’d been seeing intriguing advertisements by Tetley for their new Red tea, and have wanted to try some. “Red is the new green” seems to be the catch-phrase for this tea, meaning that it’s supposed to be even better for you than green tea; rich in antioxidants and good for your health. I tried really hard to like green tea but never could; I was hopeful that Tetley’s Red would be better, so I could reap the health benefits without being forced to drink something I didn’t like.

At the grocery store, the only flavour they had was the Red Berry; there are actually three flavours of Tetley’s Red available: Tetley Red Tea Rooibos, Tetley Red Berry Red Tea, and Tetley Rooibos Vanilla Red Tea. I was a little disappointed, as I’m not much of a berry person, and I wanted to try just the regular variety before trying the ones with added flavours. However, nothing ventured nothing gained (as the saying goes) so the little can of Red Berry tea came home with me.

I found a clear glass mug in the cupboard (to help appreciate its colour!) and boiled the kettle. When I added the water, the first thing I noticed was the tea being a bright yellow, not red at all! However, after stirring the bag around in the mug for a few minutes, it turned a beautiful dark reddish-orange colour. I let it steep in the mug for about 10 minutes, as recommended on the Tetley website. It smelled very sweet, and I was afraid I wasn’t going to like it at all. I never liked those sweet “herbal” fruit teas, so I was preparing myself for the worst.

While I will say that it was definitely sweeter than I would really have liked, it wasn’t so sweet that I couldn’t drink it and it enjoy it. The sweetness of it really came as an after taste; I was able to really enjoy the flavour of the red tea leaves, with a hint of red berries. The flavour of the tea is not very strong, but it’s very pleasant. I didn’t put anything in it, so I’m not sure how much milk or sugar (etc) would change the taste. As it was, black (red?) it was quite good.

According to the Tetley website, Red tea has many benefits: “It’s caffeine and calorie-free, anti-oxidant rich and has an amazing flavour that tastes quite unlike any other tea and can be enjoyed clear or with milk…It presents the warmth of Africa with every earthy sip and provides more than hydrating refreshment. Recent studies suggest that Red Tea’s blend of antioxidants and minerals can promote healthy skin and help relieve allergies” (

I’m not going to promote this tea as some kind of miracle cure-all right away, but I will say that the smell is enticing, the flavour subtle and pleasant, and that I will definitely be having another cup tomorrow. I’ll let you know about the skin and allergies after a few cups!

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  1. John | Feb 24, 2009 | Reply

    Healthy post. Drinking red tea is really good for the skin because it contains so many anti oxidants. Also tea has caffeine and free from calories.

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