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February 27, 2011

Teenagers Dig Up Skull And Use it To Smoke Drugs

One reason why I really, really hate drugs is because it seems like the people that use them just do the dumbest things. It seems to me that drugs have the power to completely captivate your mind and getting high becomes the only thing that matters. Case in point, two teenage boys in Texas decided to dig up a corpse and smoke marijuana from it.

Are there not enough devices in the world for people to smoke their pot from that do not include parts from a dead body? I’ve seen plenty of paraphernalia in novelty shops and other stores that people could smoke their dope from. Why would two teenager go to an old graveyard, dig up a corpse, take the skull and smoke drugs from it. What a stupid, disrespectful and disgusting thing to do.

Over there the years I have heard plenty of arguments from people that smoke marijuana that it is not really a drug. A couple of years ago I worked at a restaurant where smoking pot was a really big thing. Some of my coworkers were not able to make it through a six hour shift without excusing themselves to go outside and sneak a toke. I liked most of my coworkers and I did not judge them for smoking marijuana but I did think that it must be sad to be that dependent on a drug.

From time to time I do have a beer or a glass of wine. Alcohol is also a drug and I realize that and there are people that live for alcohol. I also see people everyday that live for food. So I guess, like with anything, it is the action of people, not the actual object the person is using that makes the situation bad. I have not seen people that use marijuana in moderation so I don’t know if that is something that happens and those people are able to function on a day to ay basis without marijuana addiction driving their every move. What I have seen mothers neglecting their children so that they can get high. Fathers spending diaper money on marijuana and now we have these two boys in Texas digging up a body and using it’s parts as instruments to help them get high.

The body that the teenagers dug up is thought to be that of an eleven year old boy that died in 1921. A child that died before he was able to reach his own teen years was resting peacefully in an unkept, probably unmarked grave and two drug addicts decided that it would be a worthwhile venture to dig his body up and abuse his corpse. I can’t be sure, but I want to believe that if these two boys were not on drugs, they would not have done such a thing.

So what should the punishment be for these two boys? Sobriety. Education. The world is a fast place and when you are high, everything slows down. You don’t realize that the world is moving forward while you fumble around with you smoke induced state of relaxation. I don’t know what authorities will give the boys as punishment but I hope it is a productive sentencing that helps them find better things to do beside get high.

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