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July 7, 2008

Teen Killed By Roller Coaster

A teenager that scaled two fences in an amusement park in Atlanta, Georgia was killed by a roller coaster. The Batman roller coaster reaches speeds over 50 miles an hour at times. The teen who was visiting the park with a church group from South Carolina was decapitated by the roller coaster.

The teen climbed over two fences to get to the restricted area where danger zone and do not enter signs were posted in the part of the park where the teen was struck. The Batman ride was responsible for the death of a park worker when a leg of a passenger struck him in the head as he walked below the ride. A girl had her feet cut off on a ride at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Amusement Park in Louisville on the Superman Tower of Power ride.

Zit is speculated that teenager was trying to get something that he lost or was trying to get closer to the ride. His family was at the park with him. What a terrible scene for riders and what a devastating thing for the family. At this point authorities have said that the park did everything that they could to make the ride safe. While that is true, it is still an incredibly sad story.

As far as some of the other incidents that have occurred at amusement parks, it seems that they may have been avoided in some way. The workers at parks must be made aware of the intense danger that these rides pose. When one thinks of amusement parks, we think of fun and it can be deceptive for workers and those that visit the park. However, the truth is amusement parks can be death traps and while we should go and enjoy them, we must also keep that awareness in our minds.

As far as the young woman that lost her feet on a ride that malfunctioned, there seems to be no way to truly convey the trouble that one can get into at an amusement park. I would never think about losing my feet when I get on a ride at an amusement park. However, there have been some rides that I have passed up on just because they looked like they were a bit much for my heart. I don’t need to be terrified on a ride.

Over the years the deaths that have occurred on amusement park rides have been minimum. But every death is the loss of a loved one of someone, making each one very important. I think that it might be time to evaluate the Batman ride. Even though this second death was one the occurred because the teen was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is still no longer with us and we need to recognize that fact and do something in his honor. Maybe the fences need to be higher and have bob wire along the top of them. Maybe the ride does not need to go 50 miles per hour.

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