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October 26, 2009

Swine Flu – Now What?

So you’ve been feeling achy, feverish, perhaps a little queasy and generally not yourself for a couple of days. You’ve been trying to slog through, denying to yourself – and everyone around you – that you’re sick, but eventually, the truth is too hard to ignore. The evidence is there: you have the swine flu, or H1N1 virus, as we’re supposed to call it these days. (Poor piggies, we don’t want to hurt their feelings.) Quarantined in your home until your fever and other symptoms abate, taking antiviral medications, climbing the walls with the onset of cabin fever, now what? What are you supposed to do with yourself?

I’m not talking about medically, of course; that information is all over the television, radio and internet. I’m talking about the TIME – what are you going to do to pass the TIME? It is now Sunday; I’ve been stuck inside the house since Wednesday afternoon. I’m being let out of this prison tomorrow, but the last couple of days have been brutal; this is surprising, considering I tend to be something of a homebody. Being at home takes on a whole new feeling once it’s not your choice anymore. Based on my own experiences lately, I’ve thoughtfully compiled a list of options:

READ SOMETHING. Read anything you can get your hands on. Attention bookworms: You know that book you’ve been dying to read but haven’t had time? All you’ve got is time. Pick it up. Don’t put it down until it’s done.

Catch up on correspondance. Trust me, people won’t be knocking at your door to keep you company. Whether it’s emails or snail mail, take the time to reach out to your friends and write them letters. Include fun stickers, recipes, bookmarks, whatever you want. They might even write you back! Personally, I love getting stuff in the mail, as long as it’s not a bill.

Make your Christmas shopping list. Christmas is less than a month away – time to get organized! Sure, you can’t hit the mall yet, but you can at least get your list together. Don’t forget about online shopping, too. Beat the crowds AND get the rest you need!

Work on those “other” projects. Everyone has those projects – scrapbooking, organizing photos, creative writing projects, etc etc. No matter what the project is, you should be able to make a little headway as long as it’s not too exhausting. You shouldn’t be exerting yourself, but a little work will be good for you, both physically and mentally.

Take care of yourself and your families. If you’re one of the many suffering with H1N1 right now, I sincerely hope you get feeling better soon! To everyone else: stay healthy so you don’t wind up stuck inside your house.

Confidential to Jack Torrance: Dude, I totally get it now.

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