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September 3, 2008

Swift Marriage For Chris Kattan

Marriage is no joke. I think that comedian Chris Kattan can attest to that. His marriage to Sunshine Tutt, a model is basically over. Kattan filed for separation from his wife of eight weeks. That just goes to show you, money and beauty just can’t seal the deal when it comes to marriage. There has to be much more than that to keep people together.

The two were married June 28th in Yosemite Valley. The couple actually separated on august 10th according to the paper work that Kattan filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. It was also stated that the pair have a prenuptial agreement. Another showing of how deep the love must have run between them. If you were in love, really in love and trusted the person, would you have a prenup?

Of course, a separation, opposed to a divorce, leaves the door open for reconciliation. However, it seems that if you need to separate so soon after marriage, you probably made a mistake and should get ahead with the divorce. Who is blissfully happy for one month? No one. If there is a reason to separate that soon, it is best to let the marriage go completely.

Hollywood is a place notorious for short lived marriages. It is almost like people in Hollywood view marriage as nothing more than dating with paper work. They switch partners on a regular basis and seem completely fearless when it comes to walking down the aisle and ending a marriage. What makes marriage so casual for these people?

Kattan and Tutt were engaged in 2006. There engagement was fairly long and it seems like if there were problems, the long engagement would turn them up. Of course, that is not always the case. Sometimes marriage is viewed as some fantasy. Many people have this fairy tale view of what it should be like. Once they are married they start to see that marriage is pretty much day to day ordinary life. If you have not married your best friend, the love tends to die fairly quickly. Love and loving should be built on more than looks and attachment.

Fortunately, the marriage between Kattan and Tutt was put on hold before there were any children to speak of. They are planning on leading separate lives right now, is what the paper work indicates. What a sad way to think about marriage. That it can be put on hold, because hey, who knows, maybe they will get back together. Maybe they won’t.

Many of my friends are married or engaged. I learn lessons from them on a daily basis. Some of the relationships around me are good and strong while others are built on false hopes and ideals that just never can be. Marriage is not something that should be taken lightly. I think that it is a very serious endeavor and couples should take a close look at what the institution is before they get into it. Stars and average everyday people tend to underestimate the seriousness of marriage.

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