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June 5, 2008

Suicide Bomber Lives Up To Danish Cartoon Stereotype

Yes the cartoons that Danish papers printed about Muhammad were stupid and offensive but bombing the Danish embassy in Pakistan only makes the cartoons seem real. Since the cartoons were published in Danish papers, suicide bombers have taken it upon themselves to show their outrage. How do suicide bombers show their discontent? By blowing themselves and anyone around them up.

I do not understand this type of protest. First of all, if you blow yourself to bits, you can no longer fight for what you think is right. There is no way that you can prove that your cause is worthy if you are dead. Not to mention if there are cartoons that shows your group as dangerous and violent, the best way to prove those cartoons right is to be violent and dangerous.

The Danish embassy in Pakistan was the site of the suicide bombing and it injured as many as 18 people. None of those people printed the offensive Muhammad cartoon. The people that died and the crater that was left in the middle of road will not make any type of positive statement or change that the Danish newspapers printed the cartoon. I assume that the suicide bomber was thinking that blowing up themselves and many innocent people they can send a message to those that make cartoons about Muslims. But really, what is in a cartoon? Do people really need to die because someone made fun of your religion?

There are some stereotypes that are prevalent in the United States about blacks. They are lazy, always late for events, always angry and fighting, etc, etc. These are stereotypes, yes, but I personally know plenty of black people that live up to these stereotypes. These stereotypes have made me extremely sensitive to schedules, remaining calm in situations and working very hard. It is not solely because I want to debunk the stereotypes but I do think about those things. I know that if I am late for work it is viewed a little differently than a white co-worker that is late for work. When I am late it becomes “cp” time or colored people’s time. When my white co-workers are late, it’s just plain old tardiness.

The key is to never become what those that hate or despise you think you are. Remain above those stereotypes and work to change the way that the world views you. Every time a suicide bomber decides to blow themselves and others up, they make it hard for anyone in the world that people think is a Muslim. A perfect example of this is the rash of hate crimes against people that were thought to be Muslim or Arab after 9-11. Around the United States people that were thought to be Muslim or Arab were killed, harassed and mistreated. Many of the victims weren’t Arab or Muslim. However, someone’s stereotypically thinking led them to believe that they were and a crime was committed based on that ignorance.

It is difficult to rise above the hatred and stereotypes that others place upon us but it is what we must do. Find another way to get the point across. Stop the suicide bombing. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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