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February 15, 2011

What Will I Do With My Stimulus Check?

So, the government is handing out $600.00 per person to us here in the recession plague United States. For some reason, retailers and President Bush think that I am going to go on a shopping spree with this money. I know, the only way to get out of a recession for consumers to begin spending again but I am not going to be able to jump on the band wagon. My stimulus check will be going into my savings.

Although six hundred bucks is not a lot, it is enough to pad a savings that I have had to dip into every now and then. Things are okay financially for me but lets face it, honestly, can you ever have enough money? Never, ever and you need to always be on top of the money situation, even when skies are sunny and blue.

Last November I moved into what is a little bit more than a room so that I could pay off credit card debt and add some money to my savings. The goal is to save up a decent amount of money, have credit cards with no balances and be in a position to move to more fertile ground. I probably will end up moving across the country, if not leaving the country so I want to have a good amount of money saved up.

Large amounts of people living beyond their means is what got us into this recession mess. That, and the fact that somehow, the majority of Americans were not smart enough to get Bush out of office after four years. Now mortgages are going up in smoke and bankruptcies are commonplace. Buying a house is great, although a bit overrated, I feel, but homeownership is nothing to take for granted. Before embarking on such a huge responsibility, you should be sure that you have money saved up. I have a good friend who is totally regretting sinking money into a house a few years ago that is now worth much less than what he paid for it. Not to mention, his mortgage has skyrocketed and there are always repairs to be made. I don’t fancy apartment living but I am glad that I do not have to worry about repairs. You just never know what is going to come up when you own a house.

I would like a new desktop computer and a more fashionable spring and summer wardrobe but there are more important things to worry about. How about the high price of food and gas and the uncertainty of my job. This morning I filled up my little tiny car for thirty-two bucks to drive to a job where my hourly wage ranges from eight bucks to twenty bucks an hour. There are no guarantees when your job is based on consumers. There is no way to know if there will be business or not so when there is business and I do make decent money, I save it. The same thing is true for money that I was not counting on having. If the government wants to give me, who lives pay check to pay check, and paid over three hundred dollars in federal taxes six hundred dollars, I am going to pretend like I never got it and put it into my savings. There is not really a such thing as extra money in my world.

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