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June 20, 2008

Stimulus Check Screw Ups

So that stimulus check that I was supposed to receive has not arrived yet. It is a good thing that I was not counting on that thing for any bill payments because I would have really screwed myself up. I see that I am not the only one that has experienced issues with this stimulus check business. Actually, the problems with delivering them and making sure that all of the people that are eligible to receive them get them, seems to be a huge problem.

The initial word was that you would receive a 600 dollar stimulus check at a certain time, based on the last two numbers of your social security number. Then there was the little point that they fought to mention, if you paid any fees to get your taxes done you would receive a paper check in July. Even if you filed your taxes through Turbo Tax, which I did, and they specifically ask you if you would like to receive your stimulus check through direct deposit or paper check. I responded direct deposit and it seemed like it should be delivered electronically. However, if you paid any fees to get your taxes done, even if you prepared them yourself, you have to wait for a paper check.

Next there were the check mix ups. Some people received two stimulus checks while others waited in vain. So of the 76 million stimulus checks that have been sent out, none of them have come to my mailbox. It seems that there are a lot of seniors that have also been by passed on the stimulus checks to this point but their neglect is due to the fact that they did not file the proper paper work for them.

These stimulus checks will not make a huge difference financially for most people but when someone tells you that you are getting 600 dollars, you are okay with that. I was not counting on the stupid check but it would be nice to get it since all of my friends have. I plan on saving the money but now I fear that it was sent to someone else by mistake and I will not even get the dang thing.

The IRS is pushing seniors and veterans to make sure that they file their taxes. These are groups that could really benefit form the stimulus checks but because they did not file the right paper work, they may not get it. The 20.5 million people that get Social Security or veteran benefits that did not file 2006 tax returns are the people that the IRS is trying to reach. They say it is not too late to file taxes and get the money.

At this point, many people that were counting on the stimulus checks and have not gotten them by now are in a new kind of debt. Some people were calculating that money into their monthly budget. When it did not come, they fell behind on their bills. So instead of boosting the economy the stimulus checks will now be spent on buying essentials or breaking through debt.

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