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November 5, 2008

Steven Sabock – Another Mental Patient Dies From Hospital Neglect

A man in a North Carolina died after being left in a chair for 22 hours. No one fed or helped him use the bathroom during that time. This is the second mental patient to die from extensive neglect in a hospital in America in the last few months.

A few months ago a patient died in a chair in a hospital in New York. She was mentally ill and was left to rot in a chair for almost 24 hours. She ended up dying from a condition that could have been aggravated by sitting for endless hours. The woman was in an emergency ward hospital waiting room. It took an hour for anyone to even respond after she was dead.

50 year old Steven Sabock died in April after choking on medication. He was given medication and left to sit in a chair for almost an entire day. The hospital is 50 miles outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. While the man sat in his chair and died, the staff of the hospital was shown on surveillance cameras playing cards and watching television. They were just a few feet away from the man.

The hospital is now threatened with funding being cut off because of this neglectful death. There may be disciplinary action taken in the case of Sabock’s death. It seems like there should be since the hospital attendants were playing games and watching television instead of doing their job of taking care of this sick man.

In addition to the fact that Sabock died with attendants just a few feet away from him, it is clear that he was being neglected on a regular basis. He had not eaten much in the three days prior to his death. The day of his death Sabock consumed no food. Charges can be brought up against the hospital by the state before August 23rd. The charges would be field with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. If the center rejects the report their federal funds will be cut off by September 1rst.

One of the solutions is to reassign the nurses. However, I feel that if the nurses have become that incompetent why reassign them? Why not just get them out of the nursing field? They obviously have lost the compassion that is necessary for the job. Working with mentally ill patients is an extremely difficult job. However, if you take the position you should do your job. When someone’s life ends because you were negligent or do not do your job, you should not be allowed to continue working in the field. Life is too precious for that.

Mentally ill people have the right to get good medical care. They are humans and deserve to be provided with compassionate care that helps them maintain a certain quality of life. This terrible way that mentally ill patients are being treated must be recognized and dealt with. These irresponsible wrongful deaths must be dealt with as such. Someone should face charges for the deaths of these two patients.

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