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June 9, 2008

Starvation Is Still A Problem In Ethiopia

For those that doubt that there is a major food crisis in the world, take a look at Ethiopia. Of course we have seen the starvation that takes place in Ethiopia for some time now. Still, no matter how many times you are reminded that there are starving people in the country, every time the images appear it feels like the first time you are being informed.

Starvation is still major problem in Ethiopia, according to aid worker. Since I have been alive, starvation has been a problem in Ethiopia and it seems as if the starvation will never need. Health workers are concerned that everyone in the country is starving and they have put the word out to the world.

Adults and children alike are starving due to crop failure and drought. Doctors Without Borders are tending to the masses of thin weak bodies but the abundance of hungry people is overwhelming. In 1984 Ethiopia was in the spotlight and the world saw the extent of the starvation there. However, as time moved on and some aide reached the region, the world began to forget about Ethiopia. Now, twenty plus years later, the world is not paying attention to Ethiopia.

There was a time that malnutrition was a major problem for babies but adults and older children were fairing much better. Now it seems that even the adults are in terrible shape. If the adults are in bad shape then their offspring obviously is not going to be in the best of health either. IN 1984 famine and communist policies were blamed for the starvation in Ethiopia. Now, it seems that there just isn’t enough food to go around.

When people talk about he global food crisis, Ethiopia is one of the places that is experiencing the problems associated with e high cost of food. With so many people starving aide workers are not able to feed and treat all of them.

Africa and Asia are the places in the world where the food shortage is going to hit hard. These are continents with many poor people that can not afford to have food increase by even a few cent. Other countries in Africa have long suffered form not having enough food to feed everyone and Asia has a number of people that can only spend a little bit of money on food. As food prices continue to climb, more and more people will begin to starve.

It is so difficult to imagine that there are millions of starving people in any one place. Ethiopia is a country that has paced starving masses for far too long. One day I would like to hear that there is no more mass starvation in Ethiopia but I don’t know how realistic that is. It seems that even though people are starving, there are still plenty of babies so someone is healthy enough to give birth. It seems that population control would be something that the people of Ethiopia would try to practice more. Of course, in some cultures, women are supposed to have children and no matter how bleak the financial situation is, children are still born.

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