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January 6, 2011

Square Enix`s Kingdom Hearts II – The Battle Rages On

As if we thought Kingdom Hearts couldn’t get any better, it did! With the release of Square Enix’s Most anticipated game of 2006. Although the game was scheduled to release in 2003, shortly after the release of the second installment of the Kingdom Hearts trilogy Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories in 2002, it was well worth the wait. With more of the Disney and Final Fantasy Characters That Kingdom Heart’s Fans have loved since the release of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom hearts is a role-play game that incorporates Square Enix, Final Fantasy Characters, Disney Characters, and some of its own together in one game. With an intense game play, marvelous soundtrack, and great cinematic this is possibly one of the best role-play games ever brought to the game console since Zelda on the Nintendo.

Kingdom Hearts II story Begins with a boy names Roxas, who for some reason has dreams of another person’s memories. Although he tries to continue on his life, he finds this almost impossible as these memories become a part of him. As you play through the game you find that these memories are those of Sora, our energetic hero from the last two games, along with his spunky sidekicks, Goofy and Donald. Roxas gets captured by Oranization XIII, a group of men trying to steal all the hearts of every world and create one heart full of immense power to control all words, and disappears. Opening the door for Sora to enter the story and you begin game play with him.

Throughout the game Sora is searching for his friends Riku and Kiari. With the help of his friends and some assistance given by King Mickey and Queen Minie, Sora finds the truth about Oranization XIII. Sora, Goofy, and Donald struggle and fight to save the world. Kingdom Hearts II has a unique game play, which no other role-play game has seen before. The player controls Sora thru a third party camera angle, although first person perspective is available. As many role-play games Kingdom Hearts II works on an experience points system, which as always determines the characters development. As The characters gain experience they accumulate a “level up”. A Level allows the player to gain access to new abilities. Fighting is real time which involves button presses that initiate onscreen attacks by the player. Also a role-play game menu like those found in the Final Fantasy series, is located at the bottom left hand side of the screen allowing the player to use other abilities such as magic, summoning, or even combination attacks with other party members.

The “Gummi Ship” feature of the first game was re-created to be more player friendly. Although its basic purpose of travel, the previous system was completely redone to resemble a combination of rail shooter and “Disney theme park ride.” In the world map, the player must now control the Gummi Ship from a top-down view and fly to the world the player wishes to enter. Worlds no longer open from the beginning—the player must unlock the routes to them by entering a new level, controlling the ship from a third-person point of view, and battling enemy ships. After the route is unlocked, travel to the world is allowed, unless it is blocked through a plot event.

The Drive Gauge is the newest feature in the KH series. Sora can summon a Disney character to help him in battle. The summoned character will replace the computer controlled characters such as Goofy and Donald and fight along side Sora for as long as the gauge allows. Summoned characters also have their own menu which allows them to not only perform solo attacks but also devastating co-operative attacks with Sora. Drive Forms are leveled up separately, obtaining higher levels allows for longer use of gauge, and in the case of drive forms, access to new abilities.

The musical score to Kingdom Hearts II is absolutely amazing with guest singers such as Utada Hikaru, a 25 year old singer from Japan. With the release of six Japanese and English studio albums, one compilation album, 25 English and Japanese solo singles, and several VHS/DVD releases, she has sold over 41 million records worldwide, (with over 34 million in home nation of Japan) it’s no wonder they chose her to sing “Sanctuary,” her English version of the Japanese song “Passion”. Utada also sang the song “Simple And Clean” Which was the opening song in Kingdom Hearts I. Kingdom Hearts II also has a great line-up of voice actors such as , Robert Costanzo as Philoctetes from Disney’s Hercules, Haley Joel Osment as Sora, and Jesse McCartney as Roxas.

The cinematic, or cut scenes as we call them, are riveting! Brightly designed and definitely keep the player at the edge of their seat all the way to the end of the game. The player watches not only the almost demise of the entire universe but a touching love story not only between the main character Sora and Kiari, but with Roxas and Nemine Roxas’s Love Interest as well.

With all the excitementKingdom Hearts II gives the player it’s no wonder why Square Enix sold 1 million copies in one month with 1.3 million copies shipped toNorth America. KHII is an amazing game for all age, which is almost like a novel you play thru your television.

I give Kingdom Hearts 10 out of 10.

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  1. Derrick | Jan 24, 2008 | Reply

    Makes me want to play the game for sure. I have to look into this game.

  2. Sean | Jan 24, 2008 | Reply

    I love this game and this review really puts it all together. It’s great game. I give it 11 out of 10.

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