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January 23, 2011

Spring-Time Fever

Everyone is feeling the spring itch these days. As the weather begins to warm and the sun stays out longer, a fresh vibe is radiating throughout the atmosphere.

People are feeling happier and energetic; the winter cycle is ending so it’s time to emerge from the dark slumber of winter and into the fresh horizon of spring.

This is the best time to spring clean all areas of your life! Weed out old and moldy relationships that no longer inspire you, challenge yourself to live a little bit more on the edge and give yourself permission to step outside your comfort zone.

As exhilarating as spring is, the winter serves an important purpose. We are leaving the introspective phase and now embarking upon all the ideas we’ve collected during the winter season.

We shed our skin so to speak.

Each season offers a very symbolic meaning and if you watch real close you will notice how your life is affected by these profound shifts.

I enjoy spring the most because it’s a fresh start. Everything feels new and exciting and it gives me a sense of challenge in regards to how I will approach my life. And even though the term “spring cleaning” is pointed towards this time of year, we can spring clean anytime we want. I appreciate the fact that I get to clear out the unnecessary clutter in my life. And not just those useless items stored away in my closet but I mean cluttered thinking and feeling too.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about spring time is the clarity you gain about things going on in your life. If you notice, during winter we are internally absorbed. We think, contemplate, draft- but never really take the actual step. But once spring rolls around all we want to do is step out and take action.

Consider carving a new path this spring. Instead of bogging yourself down to the same old routine, try something different. Change is the only thing constant in life.

Spring reminds me of the childlike essence we all shared as children. The vibrant attitudes we had, just living in the moment. Let us drink of those memories and recreate the laughter that bellowed deep down in our bellies. Why not finger paint, roll in the grass or sing crazy songs that make no sense but are fun to sing? To me that is the joy of living life. We are never too old to play. We just think we’re too mature to do such childish activities but the fact of the matter is we need those moments. We need that raw energy and we need to embrace and utilize that part of us whole-heartedly.

So do yourself a favor; play, plant and paint. Let true expression guide your every move and begin your life from page one- unwritten and unrehearsed. It’s time to spring out in action, clear the clutter, have more fun and create experiences that will mark a lasting impression in your memory.

So throw away that fever medicine- this ones gonna heat up!

Written By: Jennifer Kunlire aka Truth Whisphers

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