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June 5, 2008

Sports Utility Vehicle`s (SUV) On The Extinction List

Buying fuel for any car is expensive these days. If you have one of the hulking four by four, gas guzzling monsters called SUV’s you are probably spending hundreds of dollars a week to keep the tank full. Trying to sell an SUV right now is no easy task so there is probably no way for you to get out the high fuel bill right now. However the next time you go to buy a car, there will be a lot fewer SUV’s to choose from.

General Motors, the United States large automobile maker is shutting down four plants tat make SUV’s. The pants will be in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. High gas prices have put SUV’s on the extinction list. General Motors may even stop producing the Hummer all together. These ridiculously large trucks are one of the main gas guzzling culprits. The market for Hummers has shrunk dramatically over the past year or so.

General Motors is not the only car company that is suffering from high gas prices. Earlier in the month Ford Motor Company made some cuts and said that the goal of returning to profitability this year was lost. Other car companies that make huge SUV’s are feeling the pain of fuel costs as well. There will be a time, I believe, when we see a complete stoppage of these vehicles.

We all know that SUV’s are not in the best interest of the planet. By getting a huge vehicle that needs more fuel than most cars is selfish and inappropriate when we know we how limited our natural resources are. If you are going to buy an SUV than a hybrid should be high on your list. It is all of our responsibility to care about the planet and the cost of fuel both environmentally and financially.

If you are thinking, “Oh gosh, what will I do without my SUV!” Try to think back to a time when there were no SUV’s to choose from. We were fine. Many miles were driven and we all made it without being a few extra feet off of the ground. SUV’s are not safer than other cars on a whole. Many of them are prone to tipping over and occasionally people get a false sense of security and end up having accidents because they get careless. Really, there is no reason why you can not drive a smaller car. They get you where you are going just as well as SUV’s do.

Now that SUV’s are practically being given away by dealers it can be easy to get caught in the trap. Just because something is cheap does not mean you have to buy it. Remember, while you may be paying much less than usual for an SUV gas prices have not stopped rising. There is really no way of knowing how high they will go. Do not let SUV’s make a comeback simply because they are cheap right now. Use your head and get a more sensible car.

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